At Il Giardino, Sheila laughs when Ridge asks if she shot Bill.Ridge-question-Sheila-BB-CBS She recalls that he told her killing Spencer would endear her to the Forresters, and muses that his words were very compelling. They bicker after Ridge says he didn’t mean it. Sheila reminds him his exact words were, “Kill him before I do.” Sheila remembers that Ridge was wearing gloves that night, and thinks he’s accusing her to take blame off himself.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Katie that Ridge thinks he knows who shot Bill, and explains that he seems to be a suspect. Brooke-suspects-BB-CBSBrooke muses that any number of people would like to see Bill gone, and frets that this should be a happy time for Katie and Wyatt. Brooke learns Bill found out about his son and his ex-wife’s engagement right before someone shot him, and that he had filed for custody. Katie says Wyatt was livid about losing his job, and mad enough to kill when Bill went after Will. After, Ridge arrives and updates Brooke on his conversation with Sheila. Brooke worries she’ll repeat Ridge’s words to the police. Ridge assures her the suspect list is a mile long, but Brooke’s still unsettled.

Sanchez-questions-Justin-BB-CBSAt the police station, Detective Sanchez asks Lt. Baker why Ridge would make a move against Bill now after years of animosity. They note there are dozens of suspects. Sanchez wants to speak to Justin Barber again. He holds up the legal document Barber was keen to see, which might be the key to solving the case.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Justin spar about which of them had motive to shoot Bill. They reach an impasse and Justin tells Wyatt to get out – he’s got a company to run. Once alone, Justin calls for an update on Bill, and Detective Sanchez enters. He has the documents and reveals that they’re not signed. He notes they’d have put Justin in charge if something happened to Bill, making him the man to benefit most by Mr. Spencer’s demise. Justin claims he was there working that night – Emmy can provide an alibi. Justin shares Bill had sex with his son’s wife, and points the finger at Ridge.

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In the hospital, a nurse enters as Wyatt fumes to Bill, “You went ahead and cut me out of the company?” He joins Quinn and Eric in the waiting room and relays that Justin is running the company now and is as much a suspect as anyone.Quinn-stare-Bill-BB-CBS Quinn says there’s a long line of people who hate Bill. Quinn enters Bill’s room and stares with contempt, taking in the apparatus helping him breathe. Outside, Eric relays to Wyatt that Quinn went out the night Bill was shot – she was upset about Bill cutting him out. Wyatt peeks in as Quinn seethes at Bill that she hates him. “I hope that bullet was painful.” She’s tempted to pull the plug, but exits. Wyatt asks, “Did you shoot Dad?” Quinn denies it, then re-enters Bill’s room once Wyatt leaves.

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