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In Bill’s office, Quinn warns that she’ll do anything to protect Wyatt. Bill wants Quinn to fly back on her broom to Eric, and reiterates that Wyatt will not inherit his company or fortune. Quinn snaps that it’s his birthright, but Bill grouses about loyalty. Justin-Bill-paperwork-BB-HWQuinn says the world would be better without Bill in it and Justin enters to escort her out. Quinn barks, “Don’t you touch me!” and vows Bill won’t get away with treating their son this way. Later, Bill informs an outraged Jarrett that he’s fired, and questions his loyalty before ordering him out. Jarrett swears Bill will rue this day! A secretary tells Bill that Thomas Forrester is on the line. Bill hollers, “Get rid of him!” After, Justin updates Bill that the paperwork is filed to disinherit Liam and Wyatt. Bill grabs his coat to go do something he should have done a while ago.

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At the Malibu house, Steffy tells Ridge that Hope asked Liam to work on her line, and Liam agreed. It makes her nervous. Ridge starts complaining about Bill, but Steffy asks him to stop. Ridge hugs her and leaves.

At Brooke’s place, Hope reveals she might not be so selfless where Liam’s concerned if there weren’t a baby involved.Brooke-Hope-discuss-Steffy-BB-HW She questions if Steffy even deserves Liam after what she did, and whether she can be trusted. Brooke goes on about how good and principled Hope is; she thinks Ridge knows down deep that Steffy isn’t completely blameless, but he’ll never admit it. Hope wonders if Steffy can really be certain she won’t break Liam’s heart again. Later, Ridge arrives and tells Brooke Steffy is cooking dinner for Liam. He hopes Liam will show up. Ridge starts complaining about Bill and Brooke tries to calm him. Ridge worries about how much time Hope and Liam are spending together, then switches gears back to Bill. If he does anything else to hurt Steffy, he’ll put an end to him.

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Bill arrives at the cliffhouse and Steffy protests that he can’t be there as she’s making dinner for Liam. Bill explains she’s the only one he can talk to – no one else cares if he lives or dies. He declares, “I want you.” Bill rants about Liam not forgiving Steffy and suggests Liam may realize they have genuine feelings for one another. Bill loves Steffy, and wants to raise the baby together – he can give them the life they deserve. As Bill drops to one knee and proposes, someone watches from outside.

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