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At Forrester Creations, Steffy is thinking about Liam when Pam checks in. Liam appears, so Pam exits. Steffy’s pleasantly surprised to see her husband, but learns he’s there to work on Hope’s line, and notes they’ll be spending a lot of time together. She wonders if he has feelings for the blonde. In the corridor, Pam stops Charlie from disturbing Steffy and Liam – they may be working things out. Inside, Liam promises Steffy he will be a loving father to their little girl. Steffy can’t ask for more than that. Liam puts his hand on Steffy’s belly to feel the baby kicking. Steffy places her hand on his and says. “Our baby, our little girl.” Liam awkwardly heads out, but Steffy asks him to have dinner tonight. Liam’s not ready, so she lets him know she loves him.

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At Brooke’s place, she enthuses with Hope about spending more time with Liam working on the line. Hope wants Steffy and Liam to reconcile as long as Steffy’s being honest. She questions if Steffy deserves another chance. Brooke warns her daughter to be careful. Hope thinks perhaps she should move back to Europe and give Liam space. Brooke disagrees. Hope shrugs that she’s traveled the world and never met a man like Liam. She flashes through her memories with Liam, angrily says they would be together right now if not for Bill Spencer, and questions if she’s foolish to believe Steffy will do right by Liam.

Quinn-Wyatt-dark-place-BB-HWIn Katie’s house, Wyatt tells Quinn he now understands why she wanted to keep him away from his father. Quinn says Bill is evil. Wyatt laments feeling betrayed by his father. Quinn decides someone has to stop him. Wyatt has the sense he’s going to a dark place, a place he doesn’t want to be. Quinn urges Wyatt to resist – she won’t allow Bill to do this to her son.

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At Spencer Publications, Justin updates Bill on Liam and Wyatt having been legally cut out. Bill mutters about Liam writing him off and Wyatt betraying him with Katie, and muses that maybe this is the way it was meant to be. Justin-Bill-Sky-BB-HWHe’s relieved he still has Sky, and tells Justin he’s the only one he can trust. Justin reflects, “Tough times.” Bill feels they’ll only get tougher. Quinn busts in, and Bill mocks Wyatt for running to his mommy. She informs Bill she won’t let him cut Wyatt out of his life. He reiterates that Wyatt’s actions are disgusting. Quinn counters that he slept with his son’s wife – she knows. They trade insults. Bill hints that he could have Quinn again and mocks Eric’s performance between the sheets. Quinn hates him. He laughs when she threatens to testify against him in Will’s custody suit. Quinn orders him to put Wyatt back in the company and his will. Bill chortles, “Or what?” They bicker more, but Bill’s not afraid of her threats. Quinn warns there is nothing she won’t do in defense of Wyatt…nothing.

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