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In Bill’s office, he hollers that Wyatt and Katie are not getting married. Katie retorts that they’re not asking his permission…he doesn’t get a say. Bill goes on about how inappropriate and embarrassing it is since Wyatt is their son’s half-brother! He won’t allow it. Wyatt says they’re in love and it’s happening. Bill screams that it’s twisted, and Wyatt counters that what Bill did with Steffy – that was twisted. Bill-glower-Katie-wyatt-BB-CBSBill growls, “It ends. Right here, right now. Is that understood?” Katie furiously reminds Bill he cheated on her twice with her sister and does not get to dictate who she spends her life with. Bill decides Katie seduced Wyatt as payback for Brooke. Wyatt hollers that he already alienated Liam, does he want to push them away as well? Bill informs Wyatt if he doesn’t end this relationship he will no longer be his son! Katie implores Bill not to turn his back on Wyatt, but Bill tells Wyatt, “Her or me.” Wyatt protests. Bill threatens to cut him out of everything, jobs, cars, houses, all of it will be gone. Bill learns Quinn and Brooke know, and Brooke gave her blessing. He will fight this, and warns Katie he will sue for custody of Will…and he’ll win. Katie calls him sick. Wyatt chimes in that he’s done – he wishes Sally had shot Bill. Bill gets in his face, and Wyatt advises his father if he takes Will from the one decent parent he has it will the last thing he does.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge talks to a distracted Steffy. She admits she was thinking about Hope, and whether she has feelings for Liam.Ridge-advice-Steffy-BB-CBS Ridge was afraid this would happen. Steffy reports that she asked her to respect her marriage. She thinks Hope was affected by the ultrasound photo, and she worries part of her wished it was her baby with Liam. Ridge warns her to keep an eye on Hope spending time with him. He’s optimistic the relaunch of her line will keep Hope busy and away from Liam. After, Ridge switches gears back to blaming and hating Bill. “The world would be a better place without him in it.” In the design office, Hope takes a call from Liam, who asks her to meet up at Il Giardino. Hope agrees.

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At Il Giardino, the waitress, Jody (played by Jessica Graff), flirts with a patron (played by Cody Nickson) as Hope arrives seeking Liam.BB-guest-cast-hope-BB-HW She spots him and they sit together. Liam lets Hope know that he really wants to help her with the relaunch of Hope for the Future and would be honored to be involved. Hope reports that her premise is basically the same; she wants to make positive change. Liam feels she’s in a unique position to make a difference in people’s lives. He encourages her to decide what she wants to focus on most, and Hope marvels at him looking alive and leaving the hotel room. Liam credits her for being amazing to him.

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