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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Hope discuss business. Steffy stands up and feels ‘flutters’. She talks about how thankful she is she can share the pregnancy with Liam due to Hope’s willingness to advocate on her behalf. Hope asks again if it was a one-time thing with Steffy and Bill. Steffy-Hope-spar-BB-CBSSteffy wonders why she keeps asking her that. Hope reflects that Liam deserves the best. Steffy questions if Hope is starting to have feelings for Liam again. Things get tense as Steffy demands to know if Hope’s still in her corner, and adds, “My daughter’s family is at stake.” The brunette recaps her last happy time with Liam, and wants to ensure Hope won’t interfere as she strives to get that back. Steffy shows Hope the ultrasound photo. Hope vows she genuinely wants Steffy and Liam to get back together so her daughter will have stability. Steffy assures Hope she’ll never have to question her commitment to her family. In the design office, Thorne reveals that Katie was the inspiration for the designs Brooke are holding. Brooke learns that Thorne has been interested in her since the wedding, and knows about Wyatt. He observes that Katie couldn’t have had a future with him.

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In Katie’s bedroom, she mentions to Wyatt that they need to tell Bill about their engagement. Wyatt feels they need to spend time celebrating alone first. They start kissing. After sex, they rehash their reunion and Katie decides to confront Thorne about deleting the text.

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At Forrester Creations, Thorne takes a call from Katie, admits to deleting the text, and learns she and Wyatt are engaged. She thanks him for his friendship and he wishes her luck. After, Thorne updates Brooke, who says, “Oh my God, wait until Bill finds out.” She predicts he will feel deeply betrayed.

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Katie disconnects from Thorne at her place, and Wyatt muses that he feels bad for the guy. Katie warns the secret is out and they need to go tell his father.

At Spencer Publications, Bill calls off Justin and his security guard after Sally’s gunshot. Bill and Sally spar verbally about her shooting at Sky, and Bill warns he could put her in prison. “Don’t you ever come near me again!” he roars. After, Wyatt shows up and Bill rants and raves about the clown Sally Spectra wanting hand-outs.Bill-dead-body-BB-CBS Bill urges Wyatt to explain why he’s there, as Katie enters. Wyatt clears his throat; they have something to tell him. They start out stammering about making a great team. Bill agrees and wonders if they have a proposal. Wyatt blanches. “Proposal…” They reveal they’ve developed a relationship and it eventually dawns on Bill that it’s a personal one. He slowly rises from his chair and screams that it stops right here, right now, this minute! Wyatt declares, “No.” He informs his father that they’re getting married. Bill barks menacingly, “Over. My. Dead. Body!”

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