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At Katie’s place, she and Wyatt canoodle after expressing their love. Katie warns they’re going to have to tell his father.Wyatt-Katie-really-look-BB-HW Wyatt vows he’ll never lose her again, then excuses himself to go pick up a small surprise. Katie will wait for him upstairs; she may have a little surprise of her own. In the bedroom, Katie dons lingerie, lights candles, and flashes through her romance with Wyatt. There’s a knock at the door. Wyatt calls out, “It’s the plumber.” He enters and they start kissing. Wyatt halts the kisses and sits Katie down. He says what they have together feels right to him – he went to get something to prove to her what she means to him. Wyatt reveals he had something put away in hopes of one day finding a woman to give it to, and pulls out an engagement ring. Katie gasps. Wyatt doesn’t care how anyone will react – he loves her. Katie tears up describing how much he’s brought to her life; he makes her really happy. “Yes!” Wyatt places the ring on her finger. Katie whispers, “I would love to be your wife.” They kiss.

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In the gun range, Sally shoots to blow off steam and updates a stunned Shirley and Saul that Bill is totally reneging on his promise to relocate Spectra Fashions.Sally-Shirley-gun-range-BB-HW Turning back to her target, she intones, “I hate that man!” She calls Bill a soulless monster, as Shirley mutters that no one does this to the Spectras and gets away with it. Sally vows that someone will put Bill in his place once and for all, and continues shooting. Saul wonders who taught Sally to shoot so well, and Shirley takes credit. They resume complaining about Bill. Sally hints she has a plan to make Bill take her seriously, and adds that their lives would be much better without Bill Spencer in them.

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At Spencer Publications, Justin calls Bill out for not following through with Sally. Bill rants that she was Liam’s pet project, and he doesn’t work there anymore. He grunts about Sally coming at him like a raging madwoman.Justin-bill-gun-BB-HW Justin asks if there are any improvements in his relationship with Liam. Bill snaps, so Justin soothes that he’s still got Wyatt. Bill agrees; Wyatt has good instincts and he trusts him. Bill still hopes Liam will forgive him. Justin asks, “What if you’ve lost him?” Bill muses that he thought Liam would be the son leading Spencer, but maybe it will the loyal Wyatt. Later, Bill is showing off his golden handgun to Justin when Sally busts back in to ‘give him another chance’. Bill hollers that she’ll get nothing from him and orders her out. Sally leans over his desk and warns, “You are messing with the wrong woman!” Bill dismisses Justin, while Sally goes on about how different Bill is from Liam. Bill harps on her lack of talent, but Sally protests that she has it. Suddenly she grabs his golden gun and pulls the trigger!

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