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At Katie’s place, she tells Brooke that Wyatt broke things off and she’s mystified. Brooke observes that she seems to miss him and teases Katie about her telescope. Katie isn’t up for jokes and comments that Wyatt broke up with her right after Brooke’s wedding.

At Spencer Publications, Quinn wonders if there’s ‘trouble in paradise’ with Wyatt and Katie. Through gritted teeth, Wyatt asks her to try and contain her enthusiasm and confirms it’s over. Quinn learns that Wyatt saw Katie kissing Thorne through the trusty telescope. Wyatt laments that he asked for a no-strings relationship then was left with his heart hanging out. Quinn thinks he’ll get over it, but Wyatt decides to take action. Sally-Bill-confronation-BB-HWIn Bill’s office, Sally arrives in time to hear Bill tell Justin that Liam and Steffy are having a girl. Justin leaves them to talk. Sally wants Bill to help rebuild Spectra Fashions, as promised. She’s full of ideas and has folders of information for him to evaluate and sign off on. Bill has no intention of following through now that Liam no longer works there, and orders Sally to leave. “I don’t want to see you again.” Sally angrily pronounces him a monster. She warns his days are numbered and he’ll be stopped. Bill chuckles. “Not today, and not by you.” Sally hates him.

At Forrester Creations, Pam talks to Steffy about her pregnancy – Stephanie would be so proud. Pam also reflects that she can’t imagine what could keep Steffy and Liam Pam-Steffy-do-anything-BB-HWapart at such a special time. Steffy is flattered as Pam tells her she has always had a soft spot for her since she’s so like her grandmother…there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her. Ridge enters, and Pam exits. They rehash Steffy still being separated from Liam, and Ridge blames Bill Spencer. Steffy argues with Ridge, who continues to insist Bill used her as he uses everyone else. Steffy intones that he seriously needs to let this go, but Ridge won’t. He vows to protect his daughter; he’ll do whatever he has to do.

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At home, Katie takes a call from Wyatt, who is on his way to see her. Brooke thinks it’s her cue to leave – perhaps Wyatt realized he made a mistake. When Wyatt arrives, Katie expresses confusion. Wyatt-comes-clean-katie-BB-HWWyatt admits he left out key information – he broke up with her because he came by to surprise her and saw her kissing Thorne. Katie grimaces and apologizes. Wyatt felt he couldn’t justify being hurt and jealous since he’d asked for no-strings. Katie smiles as he confesses that’s when he realized how much he cares about her, and says it’s been awful without her. He mentions the text he sent, but Katie protests – she didn’t get it. As they compare phones, Katie recalls Thorne had her phone – he must have deleted it. Wyatt doesn’t want to discuss that guy and asks about a future with her. Katie gets choked up as he lists the reasons he wants her. “I fell completely and madly in love with you.” Katie cries. “I love you, too.” They kiss.

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