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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt tells Bill that Liam and Steffy are having a girl. Bill thinks Liam wanted a boy, and wonders if he seemed happy. Wyatt confirms that he did, but doesn’t want to discuss Steffy and Liam with his father. Bill grunts about having the right to be a part of his granddaughter’s life. Wyatt advises him not to push that angle. Bill just thinks Liam should reconcile with his wife. Wyatt agrees, but warns Liam won’t be up for reconciling with Bill. Bill tries to talk Wyatt into dressing up as his chauffeur to get him an ultrasound photo. Wyatt wonders what makes him think he likes dressing up, then switches gears to reveal his mystery date is ‘no longer’. Bill wonders if she knew his daddy was Dollar Bill Spencer. Wyatt says she knows all about him. Bill next learns that Hope’s back in town, and doesn’t think that’s good. He intones, “Steffy better watch her back.” Wyatt insists Hope’s not acting like a threat, and accuses Bill of wanting her to be one so he can get Steffy. Bill denies it; he wants Liam and Steffy back together and doesn’t want Hope getting in the way.

In his hotel room, Liam flashes to recent conversations surrounding the ultrasound appointment, and joining with Hope to relaunch her line.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge thinks it was smart for Steffy to give Liam an ultrasound photo. Steffy muses that the baby is part of him…and part of her. Steffy-photo-Ridge-BB-HWTalk turns to Steffy being grateful for Hope’s help – she doesn’t have anything to gain by helping her save her marriage. Ridge doesn’t believe Hope’s doing anything underhanded, but warns Steffy to mind how much time she’s spending with Liam. He expresses concern that something will trigger the old feelings and Hope will start thinking about getting him back. In the design office, Hope hosts the first meeting of the Hope for the Future relaunch, which includes Pam, Rick, Maya, Thorne, and Katie, who is interested to learn that Ridge put Thorne on as designer.Hope-meeting-BB-HW They talk about target clients and the message for the line. Hope wants part of the profits to go to charities empowering women and helping the homeless. After the meeting, Katie is answering phones for Pam when Thorne sidles up and teases that maybe Pam took off to see a secret boyfriend…he thinks everyone has secrets. Still in the office, Hope takes a call from Liam and agrees to come over and hear his ideas for Hope for the Future.

Hope arrives at Liam’s hotel room and he shows her the non-profits he’s connected to, but she zones out gazing at the ultrasound photo. Hope becomes emotional and rushes out. In the hall, she cries.

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