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At Forrester Creations, Ridge exclaims, “You’re having a girl!” Steffy enthuses that she wanted him to be the first to know, and she shares that Liam came to the appointment. Ridge thinks it’s a good first step. Steffy reflects that it definitely had an effect on him, but not enough to forgive her…not yet. Ridge assures Steffy that Liam will see the beauty of her carrying his child, and will come around. Steffy-Hope-hug-BB-HWIn the design office, Hope fills Rick and Maya in on the return of Hope for the Future – she needed a project right now and refers to the line as ‘her baby’. They all agree Ridge must believe in the line, and Hope reveals he put Thorne on it as designer. The trio discuss fashion and the Hope for the Future brand. Hope wants to reintroduce it with a stronger message and a greater sense of urgency. Later, Steffy joins Hope, who embraces her upon learning she and Liam are having a baby girl. Steffy thanks Hope for encouraging Liam to attend the ultrasound, which made all the difference, but says he couldn’t forgive her yet. Hope’s sure he’ll get past it. She urges Steffy to be good to Liam. Steffy feels lucky to have Hope in her corner. She congratulates her on the news about Hope for the Future and vows to get behind the project since she may have saved her family. In the corridor, Maya and Rick update Pam on Thorne working with Hope. Pam relays that Steffy’s back, and speculation ensues about her and Liam until Ridge appears and nixes the gossip. He shares the news he’s having a granddaughter and hopes this will bring the family back together.

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At the hotel, Wyatt learns Liam and Steffy are having a girl. Liam says it’s hard to describe seeing the baby, and adds he would have missed it if not for Hope. He explains that she convinced him to go. Wyatt-Liam-photo-BB-HWWyatt admires the ultrasound photo and asks if it made a difference to the way he views his relationship with Steffy. Liam says he’ll have to get the image of Steffy and their father out of his mind first. Wyatt agrees with Liam’s assessment of Bill, but warns he won’t be leaving the company. Liam doesn’t even want to think about him, and asks about Katie. Wyatt updates his brother on the outcome of seeing Katie and Thorne kissing. Liam notes it affected him, but Wyatt changes the topic back to Liam’s little girl, who will need her father around. Liam assures Wyatt he’ll be there for his daughter, then turns the conversation to possibly working with Hope on her line. Wyatt muses that Hope just keeps on coming through for Liam and Steffy. Once alone, Liam flashes to Steffy in the doctor’s office, and Hope being a good friend, and looks pensive.

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