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At the obstetrician’s office, Liam marvels at the ultrasound photo, and tells Steffy he was hoping she would be a girl. Steffy points out they made her out of love, and asks him to try and find it in his heart to forgive her…for their little girl. Liam muses they’ll have to find a way to make sure what happened doesn’t affect her. Steffy argues that it will unless they can reconcile and be a family. Dr. Phillips (played by Robin Givens) joins to give prenatal advice.Dr-Phillips-Liam-Steffy-after-ultrasound-BB-HW She’s glad to see Liam involved, and updates him on the importance of taking care of his wife. Once alone, Steffy tells Liam it’s true – she and the baby both need him. She’s grateful he came to the appointment. Liam muses this is one of those days you never forget, and vows to always be there for their daughter. He acknowledges that this isn’t easy for Steffy and is really proud of her doing everything she can to take care of the baby. Steffy hopes they can be a family again before they welcome their little girl into the world. Steffy hands him an ultrasound photo, so he can always have their daughter with him, and tells him she loves him more than ever. Liam wants to forgive her…he wishes that night never happened, but it’s still in his head and he can’t get over it yet. Steffy chooses to believe the door’s still open.

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Hope-Ridge-office-BB-HWAt Forrester Creations, Ridge thanks Hope for supporting Steffy. Hope doesn’t understand her actions, but feels the child on the way is the only thing that matters. They discuss Liam going to the ultrasound, which seems like a good sign. Hope wants them to be able to enjoy this exciting time. Ridge thinks she’s a remarkable young woman, and invites her to bring her Hope for the Future line back. Hope enthusiastically accepts.

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Katie-Thorne-sofa-BB-HWAt Katie’s place, Thorne’s on top of her, kissing her, on the sofa. He suggests she focus on moving on and kisses her again. Soon, Katie asks him to stop and protests, “I can’t do this.” Thorne agrees to slow things down a bit. Katie explains she’s just not ready so soon after Wyatt ended their relationship…or whatever it was. Thorne is summoned by Ridge, and teases Katie not to think about ‘that guy’ while he’s gone.

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Thorne arrives in Ridge’s office, where he is still meeting with Hope. He tells Thorne his designs were good, and suggests he help Hope bring her line to life. Thorne accepts, and thanks Ridge for the opportunity. Hope sweeps out, full of excitement, and Thorne tells Ridge he’s eager to make an impact on the company. They make amends over their animosity when Thorne returned to Los Angeles, and Ridge presents his brother with a gift – Eric and Stephanie’s martini shaker. They agree their mother would like to see them getting along. Ridge says, “I’m glad you’re home, brother.” Thorne replies, “I’m glad to be here.”

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