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At home, Ridge tells Brooke he’s impressed by Hope helping Steffy. Hope arrives and says she just came from Liam’s hotel. Steffy called to say her first ultrasound would be today, and she’s hoping he will go.

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In Dr. Phillips’ (played by Robin Givens) office, Steffy wants to wait on Liam before starting the ultrasound. Steffy takes a call from Ridge, who says Hope doesn’t know if Liam will show up or not. Ridge’s concerned about her being alone, but Steffy reassures him. After, Liam enters the room. Liam-emotion-BB-CBSThey talk about her getting an early appointment and Steffy says it means a lot to share this with him. The doctor returns and hears that the baby’s care is both Liam and Steffy’s top priority. The ultrasound begins and Liam learns that Steffy’s already felt fluttering. Soon, the fetus appears on the screen and Dr. Phillips asks if they want to know the sex. They do. She reveals it’s a little baby girl. Liam clasps Steffy’s hand as they’re overcome with emotion. Afterward, they look at the photo and Steffy sobs about her guilty feelings. Steffy wants their daughter to grow up knowing nothing can tear their family apart. She asks again if he can forgive her.

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Back at Brooke’s house, Hope tells her mother and Ridge if Liam goes to the ultrasound it could be the first step in putting his family back together.Hope-Brooke-proud-BB-CBS Ridge receives a text from Steffy that Liam went to the appointment. Ridge thanks Hope for respecting Liam and Steffy’s relationship. Hope vows as long as Steffy stays loyal she won’t interfere. After, Brooke tells Hope she knows this isn’t easy. Hope thinks Steffy is sincere about how much she loves him, and they finally have a chance to be a family. Brooke is proud of Hope’s strength.

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On the Forrester rooftop, Thorne realizes that he picked up Katie’s phone mistakenly, and that Wyatt is the man in her life. Katie calls from Thorne’s cellphone, as she’s also become aware of the mix-up. Thorne teases he now doesn’t have to come up with an excuse to see her – he’ll be over soon.

Thorne arrives at Katie’s place and reveals he knows her mystery man was Wyatt Spencer. She says it’s over, in part because they had to worry about Bill’s reaction. Thorne realizes she has lingering feelings, and offers to help her get over it. Katie-Thorne-ksis-BB-CBSKatie doesn’t think the solution is jumping into another relationship. He complains about her need to label it, and wonders if she might be the real reason he came back to town. Katie’s intrigued, and attracted, but not sure she’s ready. Thorne moves in close and kisses her. Katie eventually pulls back, flushed.

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