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At Liam’s hotel room, he enthuses that it’s really good to see Hope’s smiling face. Hope makes a pitch for putting the needs of the child ahead of all else and forgiving Steffy. Liam marvels at the insanity of Hope standing there advocating for Steffy. Hope admits if there wasn’t a baby on the way, she might feel differently. Liam wonders how to even begin to forgive…maybe he never will; it was the worst betrayal imaginable. Hope urges him to think of the child, and somewhere deep in his big heart, he will be able to see past the scars of betrayal. “Whatever you decide, I’ll be here for you.”

In Malibu, Ridge admits to Steffy he feels a little guilty – he just married the love of his life, while his daughter is heartbroken. Dr-Phillips-call-BB-CBSSteffy assures him she is happy for him, and fills him in on her visit with Hope, who is advocating for her marriage and her baby. Steffy says Hope wants to do the right thing. Ridge grunts, “Including for herself.” Steffy insists Hope may be the bridge that can bring Liam back to her, so they can be a family with their baby. Later, Steffy takes a call from her obstetrician, Dr. Philips (played by Robin Givens), that they have an opening for her to have an ultrasound.

At the Forrester gym, Rick remarks to Thorne about him coming to the wedding despite his misgivings. Rick learns Thorne is interested in someone and is surprised it’s not a model. Wyatt-text-BB-CBSThorne relays that there’s another guy involved, however…at least there was. Rick keeps fishing to find out the woman’s identity. Thorne confides it’s someone he’s known for many years; he’s just seeing her differently. Thorne’s phone rings and he’s puzzled to see a text from Wyatt saying ‘I already miss you. Maybe we need to rethink this break-up Katie’. Thorne looks thoughtful.

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Maya drops by Katie’s house, where Katie admits she’s taking a personal day due to issues with her love life. Maya’s surprised – most women would be thrilled to have Thorne Forrester interested in them. Maya-Katie-fun-BB-CBSKatie flounders. Realizing her error, Maya says there’s been talk of Katie having a mystery man…she supposes that’s over. Katie confirms it. Maya observes she’s free to be with Thorne then, and reveals that she saw them kiss. Katie shakes her head at Maya’s matchmaking. Maya smiles about Katie having a man that wants to help her get over her disappointment. “I know what I would do.” Maya advises Katie to have fun, which the brunette notes she had been doing, but it came to an abrupt end.

In Liam’s hotel room, he agrees to work with Hope on the philanthropic end of her Hope for the Future line. The phone rings – it’s Steffy inviting him to join her to see the baby for the first time. He disconnects and Hope encourages him to attend the ultrasound. He notes she’s a good friend, and he has a feeling he’ll be needing her a lot more.

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