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At Brooke’s place, Steffy wants to know that Hope’s not taking advantage of her situation. Hope still cares about Liam, but notes there’s a child involved, and if it was really a one-time thing with Bill… Steffy interjects that it was; it was just a mistake, and she still has a chance to make things right with Liam. Hope doesn’t think she would make that mistake, but doesn’t believe Steffy’s child should suffer for it either. Steffy confides that Bill wanted to be with her. Hope gasps – did Steffy consider it? Steffy denies it; she wants Liam back, and asks Hope again, “Are you hoping to take him away from me?” Hope assures Steffy she won’t get in the way, but warns her not to mess this up. Steffy asks Hope to take a valentine to Liam for her. Hope agrees. Steffy’s glad she’s home.Ridge-Brooke-lingerie-BB-CBS Upstairs, Ridge gifts Brooke with a piece of jewelry that was once Stephanie’s. She giddily thanks him. She has something for him too, and will be right back. Brooke soon emerges wearing va-va-voom red lingerie. Ridge is very pleasantly surprised. They talk lovingly and kiss before Ridge leads her to the bed. After making love, Ridge wears Brooke’s heart headband, which she teases is a look he cannot pull off, but she has no regrets. He vows to keep her smiling in all the years ahead. They kiss.

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At Forrester Creations, Maya and Rick discuss Pam babysitting for Lizzie. Rick muses it will give them some alone time. Rick-Maya-steamy-BB-CBSMaya suggests they make the most of it, and they canoodle. Maya learns Rick ‘hinted’ at Pam taking their daughter so they could celebrate Valentine’s Day. Rick says all Maya has to do is sit back, relax, and be his Valentine. Later, in the steam room, Rick and Maya get close and Rick muses that towels might be too fancy, so he removes his. They kiss passionately, Maya tosses her towel, and they kiss some more. Rick gives Maya a locket with a photo of their little family inside. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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At Liam’s hotel room, Hope learns he’s feeling confused, and worried that he’s not experiencing the joy of having a child on the way. Hope wonders if he should talk to a therapist, but he’d prefer to talk to a friend. Hope-always-BB-HWHope is glad they’re still friends after all they’ve been through. “You can always turn to me.” Liam clasps her hand gratefully. Hope says Steffy’s not giving up on the marriage and asked her intentions. She admits part of her would like to pick up where they left off, but under the circumstances she thinks he should maybe try again with Steffy. She gives him the valentine. Liam grins at Hope playing matchmaker for Steffy. They open the box of candy hearts. Liam holds up ‘Be Mine’ and Hope’s reads ‘Love You’.

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