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At Brooke’s place, Hope teases her mother about her glowing happiness. Talk turns to Liam being a ‘no-show’ at the wedding. Hope ruminates about feeling bad for Steffy, while noting she may have ruined everything by having sex with her father-in-law. She feels everyone must do what’s right for the baby…including Liam.

In Liam’s hotel room, Ridge says he understands why his son-in-law couldn’t bring himself to come to the wedding, but informs him Steffy needs him and it’s time to step up.Liam-after-ridge-visit-BB-CBS He reminds Liam this is his first child and he’s missing out. Liam knows this, but can’t help what he feels. Ridge wants him to keep his heart open to forgiveness; the way he’s acting is killing Steffy. “That woman never stopped loving you, don’t discount that.” Liam listens as Ridge counsels him not to throw true love away when you find it. “Fight for your family.”

In Malibu, Steffy does yoga, takes vitamins, and rubs her tummy. Steffy phones Hope and asks to see her.

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At Katie’s house, she is thinking about Wyatt when Thorne arrives to offer her a ride to work.Katie-melancholy-BB-CBS Katie informs him she’s taking a personal day – her boyfriend broke up with her last night. Thorne advises her to let go and move on; she never knows what might be waiting for her. Over coffee, Thorne announces he’s not going to lie – he’s not upset that she and ‘no strings’ guy broke up, and has been thinking about their kiss. He wants to do it again. Katie teases he has models after him and blushes, but relays that she’s disappointed about the end of her relationship. Thorne feels he also has something to offer, though his timing’s off. Katie says he’s doing wonders for her ego and might be just what she needs. Thorne massages her shoulders, and Katie muses she could fall into his arms, but it would be a rebound. He goes to work with a promise to revisit it in the future.

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In Brooke’s living room, Hope relays to her mother that Steffy wants to talk. She remarks that she hates seeing Liam in so much pain. Brooke deduces that her daughter still loves him and they embrace. Steffy arrives, and Brooke excuses herself. The young women discuss their history. Steffy-Hope-demand-BB-CBSHope says she loves Steffy; they’re family, but reminds her she manipulated to get Liam, got him, and now she’s broken his heart. Meanwhile, Ridge comes in the back and goes upstairs. Brooke tells him Steffy’s downstairs with Hope. In the living room, Hope questions how Steffy ended up having sex with Bill. Steffy describes the rift between Bill and Liam, and how Sally factored in. She’s deeply regretful and only wants her husband back – and she needs Hope’s help. Steffy sees a text from Liam on Hope’s phone…he wants to see her. Steffy worries Hope could move in on him, and demands to know if she wants a life with Liam again.

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