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At Brooke’s place, Ridge and Brooke kiss in the living room as she thanks him for the best day of her life. Ridge declares that today, she became the Forrester matriarch. RJ appears and reiterates that he’s very happy. Hugging and laughing ensues. Later, upstairs, Brooke-Ridge-bed-honeymoon-BB-HWBrooke saunters into the bedroom in sexy white lingerie, causing Ridge to rub his chin, speechless. They indulge in some romantic honeymoon talk, then kiss, and make love. After, Brooke tells Ridge his mother is really happy for them, before asking if he believes in ghosts. She insists Stephanie was at the wedding and is probably there now. She implores Stephanie to knock twice if she’s there and twice again if she approves. Knocking is heard, but it’s Ridge. Brooke giggles as he assures her they have his mother’s blessing.

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In Katie’s house, Wyatt packs up his romantic surprise and flashes to Katie kissing Thorne. She arrives and is happy to see him. He tensely asks how the wedding was, and when she kisses him Katie realizes something is wrong. Wyatt alludes to being drained from hanging out with Liam. Katie wants to make him feel better, but he has something he needs to say about their relationship…or whatever it is. Katie wants him to show her how crazy he is about her, but Wyatt flashes to her kissing Thorne and clears his throat. He claims their involvement has been great, but complicated, and isn’t sure either of them are ready for a commitment. Katie isn’t sure how to reply, which Wyatt notes. He brings up Bill’s possible reaction, and says he doesn’t want this to negatively impact his father’s relationship with Katie and Will. Katie’s stunned when he adds, “I think we should call it quits.” Katie reels; she did not see this coming and thought things between them were great. Wyatt mutters, “Neither did I.”Wyatt-disturbed-BB-HW He claims he doesn’t want to hold her back from anything, and Katie, shaken, agrees to be just friends with no regrets. She wipes away a tear. They flash through their relationship, and Wyatt kisses her. In a quavering voice, he tells Katie he’ll never forget the impact she made on his life. Outside, he appears shaken, while inside, she cries.

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At the Forrester mansion, Thorne reflects post-wedding. Maya appears and muses that there is romance in the air today. Thorne says he has some last-minute best man duties to attend to, but Maya stops him – she saw his kiss with Katie and wonders if they have something going on. Thorne insists what she saw wasn’t what it looked like. Maya replies it looked kind of sweet. Thorne admits it was their first kiss, and just kind of happened – no one was more surprised than him, except maybe Katie. As they chat, Thorne reveals that he started to see Katie differently when they got thrown together for the wedding. Once alone, he flashes to the kiss.

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