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In the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Brooke’s wedding celebration gets underway. The Avants chat with Maya and Rick, who remarks on his mother’s obvious happiness.Donna-catches-bouquet-reception-BB-HW Katie and Thorne chat with Othello (played by Othello Clark, while Eric and Quinn thank Carter. Nearby, RJ, Ridge, and Brooke enthuse about never giving up on their family. Rick joins Othello as he DJs, Julius tears up the dance floor, and Maya makes nice with Carter, who then dances with Donna.Brooke-Ridge-cake-reception-BB-HW Brooke shares a hug with Hope, and Ridge asks Steffy how she’s holding up – they’re both sorry Liam didn’t come. Eric calls for everyone to grab a glass, then makes a jovial toast to the newlyweds. Katie-Thorne-garden-reception-BB-HWAs the party continues, Brooke and Ridge share a dance, Donna catches the bouquet, the wedding couple cuts the cake, and Thorne makes a speech thanking Ridge for asking him to stand up for him and telling Brooke she’s magnificent…he wishes them both the best. Ridge hugs his brother as all applaud. After, Thorne and Katie step outside. They talk about her mystery man again. Katie thinks she has feelings for the guy, but isn’t sure he returns them.

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At Liam’s hotel, he questions Wyatt about his love life, and notes he goes MIA every afternoon about 2:00 PM. Wyatt chuckles an awkward denial. Liam-marvels-Wyatt-Katie-BB-HWLiam thinks it’s obvious he’s seeing someone and wonders why he’s being so cryptic about it. Wyatt decides to come clean and admits it’s Katie. Liam asks, “Katie who?” before exclaiming, “Katie Logan?!” They discuss Bill not knowing and Wyatt asserts he will not give her up for his father. He next divulges that he said something to Katie he wishes he could take back – that he wanted no strings. Liam points out that means she can see other people and he warns his brother not to mess this up. Wyatt decides to get over there right now and surprise her. He exits, leaving Liam alone, marveling to himself, “Katie?”

At Katie’s house, Wyatt sets up candles for a romantic surprise. At one point he looks through the telescope toward the Forrester property, and sees Thorne kissing Katie.

Inside the Forrester mansion, Eric, Julius, Steffy, and Brooke each stand to speak. Brooke looks up at Stephanie’s portrait and says she thought that after all they’d been through, it was a good idea for her to be there.Brooke-speech-reception-BB-HW Ridge enthuses about their incredible future, and kisses Brooke. Later, Brooke stands by the portrait, and Stephanie (voice of Susan Flannery) says, “Hello. You did good Brooke.” Brooke isn’t sure it’s her. Stephanie assures her ‘sweet little slut from the valley’ it is, in fact her, and advises her to keep herself on the straight and narrow. Brooke tears up as Stephanie warns her not to let Eric take her down from the mantle again. Ridge joins Brooke – it’s like his mother is almost in the room with them. Brooke smiles. “She is here.”

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