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At the Forrester mansion, Carter begins Ridge and Brooke’s wedding ceremony by saying today they will celebrate a love so strong it can pull an entire family together. Carter jokes about anyone who objects to the union having had plenty of time to come forward by now.Brooke-Ridge-Katie-speech-BB-HW Katie recites a passage about love and makes a heartfelt speech stating that their love gives them all hope. She tells Brooke, “I love you so much,” and they embrace. Maya and Rick do a reading together next, ‘The Science of Love’. Carter continues with the ceremony, and says every difficulty can be overcome with faith and forgiveness. Eric agrees Ridge and Brooke have proven that, and stands to express his pride. He thanks them for including Stephanie, and reads one of her favorite passages, before telling Ridge and Brooke both Stephanie and Beth would be proud today. Carter continues, pleased to be helping his friends achieve their destiny. He leads them to share their personal vows. Brooke remembers Ridge stole her heart the first moment they met, and urges him to protect her heart for the rest of their lives.Brooke-Carter-Ridge-kiss-BB-HW Ridge talks about what the relationship means to him, all they’ve been through, and how much he loves Brooke. She rescued his heart and is his light, his star; when he’s lost she guides him home. “Thank you for letting me steal your heart, I promise I will cherish it for the rest of my life.” Rings are exchanged, Carter pronounces Ridge and Brooke husband and wife, and exclaims, “You may now kiss the bride!”

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Liam answers his hotel room door – it’s Wyatt, who says, “Well, that answers my question.” He starts in on Liam about not going to the wedding. Liam explains it was just too much. Wyatt understands, and doesn’t think his brother should be alone right now. Liam muses that he’s loved Steffy so long he Liam-Wyatt-beer-talk-BB-HWdoesn’t recall what life is like without her in it. He marvels that he’s the guy who never gives up, but this is different. Liam going to the wedding with Steffy would have given her hope, and he’s not sure there is any. Wyatt soothes that he’s still a good guy – he’s just doing what he has to do for himself. He assures his brother he doesn’t have to go through it alone. Liam reflects that this is Brooke and Ridge’s day; he would have been a distraction. Liam remarks on couples who should be able to overcome anything.

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