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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Brooke hold hands in the living room and look up at the empty spot over the mantle. Brooke has an idea – she brings out Stephanie’s portrait and suggests they put it up where it belongs. Ivy-Quinn-Pam-Charlie-BB-HWRidge marvels at Brooke electing to do this after all his mother put her through. Brooke talks about setting an example for Liam and Steffy and says Stephanie truly impacted her life; she’d be proud to have her portrait there for her wedding. After, Pam and Charlie appear. Ridge explains why Stephanie’s portrait is back, and Pam gushes that he’s marrying a remarkable woman. Upstairs, Brooke thanks JJ (played by Angela Bishop) at the bedroom door, before returning to getting ready with Katie and Hope.Hope-Maya-Brooke-Katie-BB-HW Downstairs, Quinn and Eric join Ridge, Pam, and Charlie, who jokes about giving Ridge a run for his money with Brooke if Pam weren’t such a gem. Meanwhile, Donna joins Brooke, Hope, Katie and Maya upstairs. Later, Ivy and Quinn remark that all the guests seem to be here, as Rick chats with the Avants and Carter in the living room. They wish Zende and Nicole could have been there. RJ, with Coco, goes to look for his father, as Ivy wonders why Steffy’s not there yet.

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In Malibu, Steffy looks at a framed photo of her and Liam and flashes to asking him to join her at the wedding. She phones Liam, who declines her call, and leaves a voicemail that she’s headed to her grandfather’s house and hopes to see him there.

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Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Katie and Donna urge Brooke to wear their mother’s earrings. Out on the terrace, Eric gifts Ridge with cufflinks, and marvels at seeing him and Thorne together. RJ appears and Ridge assures his son no one will stop him from marrying his mother today. Inside, Thorne flirts with Katie over the ‘chore list’ and they look forward to dancing at the reception. Brooke-arrives-wedding-march-BB-HWThorne assures her he’s happy that Brooke is happy, and he and Ridge are in a better place…for now. Katie relays that Brooke is excited. Upstairs, Eric takes a moment with Brooke and tells her she’s a ‘vision’. Brooke gushes she’s never been happier. Eric’s pleased about Stephanie’s portrait, and they hug. After, Brooke shares a close moment with RJ. Downstairs, Rick and Maya joke about Julius’ behavior at their wedding. Steffy enters, greets Ivy, and Hope pulls her aside to see if she’s okay and report that Liam’s not there. Hope agrees to sit with Steffy as Thorne announces to take their seats. Katie goes up to get Brooke, who’s just disconnecting from Bridget. Katie enthuses about being her sister’s maid of honor. Downstairs, Steffy takes a call from Liam, who says he can’t do it. She understands, and will miss him. Soon, the wedding march begins and Brooke makes her way downstairs. She and Ridge beam at one another.

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