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liam-embraces-hope-bb-hw At his hotel, Liam and Hope embrace, and he thanks her for listening to him. Hope can’t understand how Steffy and Bill could do this to him. He doesn’t know how he can get passed this and he’s now tied to Steffy for life through their child. Hope promises she’ll always be there as a friend, which he appreciates. He tells her about Ridge pressuring him to take Steffy to the wedding. Hope urges him to do what is best for himself, not what others want, because this is his life. He thanks her for everything, including coming home.

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ridge-talks-wedding-with-steffy-bb-hw Ridge checks on Steffy at the Malibu house and asks if Liam will attend the wedding with her. She says they’ll find out tomorrow but doesn’t know if he will ever be able to forgive her. However, she has no intention of giving up, and she will fight for Liam and their baby. After Ridge leaves, Steffy texts Liam and tells him it would mean a lot if he came to the wedding with her, and they should look at Ridge and Brooke as an example for what they can be.

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ridge-brooke-reminisce-pre-wedding-bb-hw Thorne talks with Brooke at the mansion. He’s accepted her marriage to Ridge, and she wonders if his bowing out gracefully has something to do with Katie. Thorne says she has a mystery guy, but Brooke doesn’t feel he’s right for her. He decides to escape before she goes into full matchmaking mode, but wishes her well tomorrow. Ridge returns home and fills Brooke in about his talk with Steffy. He won’t be upset if Liam chooses not to attend and he only wants people there that want to be there. They kiss and discuss their excitement about the wedding tomorrow. Ridge is happy he can finally be the man she deserves.

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wyatt-questions-katie-about-not-going-wedding-bb-hw At the guest house, Wyatt asks Katie to be his date to the wedding and says it can be their official coming out. Katie reminds him that Bill would find out about them, and he realizes she’s probably right. He wonders what he’ll do tomorrow if not hang out with her. She tells him Liam may be there with Steffy, but Wyatt doubts that because it will be too much for him too soon. Wyatt thinks they have better things to do than talk about this, and they kiss. They make their way to the bed and have sex. She senses he is disappointed about the wedding, but he swears he’s not. He reminds her they agreed to enjoy one another and see what happens without further complicating things. She calls what they have a secret romance with no strings attached.

At Liam’s hotel, he reads Steffy’s text, but doesn’t respond. He thinks about their Australian wedding.

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