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In Liam’s hotel room, Steffy pleads for him to come to the wedding, but he protests that it’s too soon.Liam-cant-go-BB-CBS Steffy reminds him they will have to be in public together sooner or later; why not now? Liam wishes he could just forget everything that happened and go to the wedding, but he can’t. He asks how she’s feeling – has she had morning sickness? Steffy isn’t up for an interrogation, and wonders how they’ll be parents together when they can’t be in the same room. She thinks the wedding could be the first step. Liam complains about her not signing the annulment papers. Steffy can’t do that to their child. She needs him, and won’t just give up on everything she’s ever dreamed of. Liam doesn’t have answers. Steffy refuses to say it’s over – she still sees it when she’s with him.

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At Brooke’s place, Hope calls her mother out for being a matchmaker. Brooke just wants to know if she still loves Liam.Brooke-Hope-still-care-BB-CBS Hope asks her to stop asking questions she already knows the answers to. Liam was a big part of her life and she still cares. They discuss Brooke and Ridge’s attempt to get Liam to attend the wedding with Steffy. Brooke clarifies that Ridge feels Bill took advantage of Steffy in a vulnerable state. Hope feels Steffy’s not the victim, it’s Liam. She admits it worries her to think of them having a baby together. Brooke wonders if Hope wishes she were having a baby with Liam, who is the love of her life.

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At the Forrester mansion, Katie and Thorne chat and joke about their maid of honor and best man duties. Thorne remarks that clearly nothing is coming between Brooke and his brother, before bringing up Katie’s ‘no strings attached’ boyfriend again. Katie suggests Thorne try a dating app to find a no strings situation. Thorne replies they wouldn’t be as beautiful or sophisticated as the maid of honor. As the dating talk continues, Thorne reveals dating’s been difficult for him, and he’ll be alone at the wedding. Katie says she’ll be solo as well, so maybe they can work on his small talk skills. They toast to it. Thorne asks jokey questions about her ‘no string’s’ partner, and wonders since he won’t be at the wedding if he’d mind if Thorne drank and danced with her. Katie beams. “Not at all.”

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Hope brings sandwiches to Liam’s hotel room. Liam learns she knows about Steffy and Bill. Hope tells him she’s angry and shocked. Liam says his next move depends on Steffy signing the annulment papers he gave her. He loves her but doesn’t see her the same way anymore. Hope feels he doesn’t deserve any of this. Liam admits she’s the only person he’s happy to have come to the door. Hope assures him he can always count on her. They hug.

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