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In Liam’s hotel room, Ridge and Brooke paint themselves as an example of forgiveness and press Liam to attend their wedding with Steffy, and they urge him to come. Liam argues that, like Ridge, he wanted to believe Bill took advantage, but Steffy was a willing participant. Ridge doesn’t buy it, and doesn’t think Liam does either. He asks again for him to attend the wedding.

In Malibu, Hope insists she’s not judging Steffy, who is unconvinced, but agrees that if Liam is done with her for good she has no one to blame but herself. Hope stresses that she wants Liam and Steffy to work through this.Steffy-Ridge-get-through-BB-CBS Steffy believes her and is apologetic for assuming Hope was judging her. Hope reminds her their parents are getting married; they’re family above all else. Later, Ridge stops by and informs Steffy that he saw Liam, who is standing in the rubble of his life. She wonders if Ridge got through to him. Ridge revisits the idea of ripping Bill’s head off, then assures her that love always wins in the end. They embrace.

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At the Forrester mansion, Katie, Pam, Charlie, Ivy, and Maya discuss plans for Brooke’s wedding as Thorne tries to sneak off. They tease and force him to participate. As they work, Thorne pipes up that he knows a cover band and suggests they feed the guests pizza. Katie won’t let him off the hook.Katie-Ivy-tease-BB-CBS Maya mentions Ridge wanted Carter to officiate. Thorne grouses about Rick getting out of this, and Ivy wonders why Steffy’s not there. Katie thinks she has a lot on her plate. Talk turns to flowers and decorations before Pam raises the topic of Steffy being somehow included in the ceremony. As they prepare to part ways, Ivy and Pam remark on Katie’s incredibly good mood lately – she must have a man in her life. Katie coyly shoos them out. Once alone, Thorne tells Katie that they’re right – her mystery man is making her seem more free…and attractive. Katie muses she’s never been in a no-strings relationship before and seems intrigued by Thorne’s attention.

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At Brooke’s house, she’s taken aback to hear Hope told Steffy she hoped she and Liam would work things out. Hope adds that she also told her if she lost him, it would be her own fault. They debate about whether Liam should attend the wedding with Steffy. Hope feels he shouldn’t be pressured. Brooke wonders if she’s still interested in Liam.

Liam-pressure-BB-CBSSteffy visits Liam’s hotel. He’s not keen on going to Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. Steffy feels it’s wrong, them being apart like this, and wonders if he could find it in himself to attend and just sit with her for a few hours. “Maybe we can learn from them.” Liam asks if she’s taking her vitamins and Steffy thinks he should be there for the pregnancy…the baby will be there before they know it. She pleads with him to attend the wedding as a start.

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