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In her living room, Brooke pushes Ridge away – they’re supposed to be planning their wedding, not practicing for their honeymoon.Ridge-hug-Steffy-BB-CBS Ridge jumps to theorizing that Katie and Thorne would make a good couple. Brooke reminds him she’s seeing Wyatt, which is a secret. Steffy arrives, and they fill her in on the wedding – they want her and Liam there together. Steffy can’t be a part of the happy event and stresses that Liam wouldn’t agree to go with her. Brooke and Ridge cluck that he may come around. Steffy goes over her regrets and reiterates that she won’t give up on her marriage – she just hope Liam hasn’t. Brooke reassures her of their deep connection and Ridge vows to do everything in his power to put her family back together. They embrace.

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Sally arrives with a culinary treat for Liam from her Grams. He’s been ordering a lot of Chinese takeout and is glad she came. Liam-forlorn-BB-CBSSally hates seeing him like this, but Liam doesn’t want to complain to her given that he’s dropped the ball in helping her get Spectra re-established. Sally assures him he’s done enough. Talk turns to things not improving with Steffy. Liam balks at discussing it. Sally opines that if they can’t find their way back to each other, she hopes he can one day move on. She reminds Liam that he knows how she feels about him already, then apologizes for having no filter. Liam likes her the way she is, and observes she’s been a good friend to him. Sally kisses his cheek – she hopes whoever he ends up with knows how lucky they are to have his love. Later, Brooke and Ridge arrive and press Liam to forgive Steffy and make a loving home for their child. Ridge urges Liam to attend their wedding and maybe he’ll see there’s hope. “Come to our wedding with Steffy.”

Wyatt-awkward-BB-CBSAt Forrester Creations, Wyatt enters the design office, sees Hope, and awkwardness ensues. They make small talk about work and Quinn never being in the office when Hope’s there before deciding this is awkward. Hope rehashes why she had to get away from all she lost. Wyatt thinks the time away suited her well. Hope reveals she’s helping plan her mother’s wedding…she’s hoping everyone will come, including Steffy and Liam. They recall their own union, and share a smile over jumping off the yacht.

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Hope arrives at the Malibu house and lets Steffy know she’s in the loop about her and Bill. She asks, “How could you, Steffy?” Steffy doesn’t owe her any explanations. Hope insists she’s heartbroken for them. Steffy knows what’s at stake and advises Hope not to interfere. Hope clarifies that if they can’t work things out, it won’t have anything to do with her – Steffy may have done the one thing Liam can never forgive.

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