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At Forrester Creations, Brooke gushes to Katie about her relationship with Ridge. Katie thinks it will be a lovely wedding. In the boardroom, Thorne has agreed to be Ridge’s best man and tells his brother he’s getting an amazing woman. Ridge enthuses that he won’t forget this. Eric-sees-hug-BB-CBSIn the hallway, Hope, Ivy, Eric, Quinn, Charlie, Pam, and RJ are still gathered when Rick and Maya show up, apologizing for missing the meeting. They locate Brooke and explain they took Nicole to the airport. Brooke updates them that she and Ridge are getting married right away and Katie’s her maid of honor. Rick, not thrilled, quips, “You’re not pregnant are you?” Brooke understands Rick’s reluctance regarding the nuptials, but really wants his blessing. Meanwhile, Thorne asks Ridge to stop referring to him as ‘little brother’ as it’s condescending. Ridge agrees to try, and Eric enters as they’re ‘hugging it out’. Eric cautiously questions the scene as the brothers explain that they’ve reached an understanding. Eric is more proud of them than he’s ever been in his life. They all embrace.

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Rick-hug-Brooke-BB-CBSIn the design office, Katie and Maya look on as a teary Rick seeks to ensure that his mother is happy. She calls him her ‘rock’ and ‘protector’ and reassures him. They hug. Katie jumps in to explain to Rick the importance of family support. Rick hopes the marriage is everything Brooke’s wanted, but feels that depends on Ridge. Thorne enters, and the others leave him with Brooke. He relays that he’s choosing to believe the marriage will work out, which is why he’s agreed to be best man. Brooke’s pleasantly surprised. Thorne thinks it will be a beautiful wedding day. Brooke assures him there will be a great woman out there for him.

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Later, in the boardroom, the entire group reconvenes to share in a toast to Brooke and Ridge’s upcoming wedding. Ivy talks about following their story over the years in Australia, and is grateful to be there.Hope-RJ-Eric-toast-BB-CBS RJ is proud to call them his parents, and Hope reflects on them always finding their way back to each other. Rick opines that it’s time to mend some fences; he wants this to work for all of them. Ridge wants that too. Thorne sees the wedding as a new beginning for all of them, and Katie recalls the night Brooke met Ridge. Eric couldn’t be more proud than he is right now and looks forward to them celebrating their love again. “To Ridge and Brooke!” After, Katie enlists Thorne’s help in planning the wedding. Thorne suggests they let Pam run the whole thing. Katie feels he’s being amazing about all this; there’s a really lucky girl out there for him. Elsewhere, Ridge and Brooke marvel at the family’s support. Ridge remembers when they met and vows not to make any more mistakes. Brooke assures him he’s worthy – she can’t wait to marry him one last time.

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