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At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Eric are about to canoodle in the office when Charlie, Pam, Ivy, Hope, Katie, and Thorne file in. Ridge has called another meeting, and they all speculate on what it could be about.Brooke-Ridge-moment-office-BB-HW Thorne quips that maybe he’s announcing his retirement. The others wonder if a bonus is coming. Thorne scoffs about him making them wait. In the design office, Brooke kisses Ridge and giggles that everyone’s waiting…once they tell the family there’ll be no turning back. They kiss again, and RJ enters. Ridge says they’ve a surprise for him, and reveals they’re going to get married right away. RJ is really happy for them and they all embrace.

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Ridge, Brooke, and RJ join the others in the boardroom. Thorne wants Ridge to get to the point, and Katie wonders if it’s about a merger. Ridge muses that it is about a merger…that will benefit everyone. Ivy-charlie-pam-office-BB-HWHe declares that he and Brooke have decided they can’t wait any longer and their merger will be moving forward. The females squeal and Eric and Charlie congratulate the happy couple. Thorne remains quiet. Eric and Quinn offer to host the wedding at the house. Ridge says they’ll consider it. Brooke makes her way over to Thorne – she knows he doesn’t approve, and is concerned, but assures him she trusts Ridge. Brooke wants Thorne to be at their wedding, and to be happy for them. Thorne asks if Ridge has pressured her. Brooke denies it. Thorne observes that his brother is very lucky; he hopes Brooke will be able to count on him. After, Quinn makes her way over to Brooke, admires her ring, and they are joined by Eric, who presses the blonde to accept their invitation to get married at the mansion. Quinn says if they do, she will remove her portrait and put one up of Brooke. Ridge joins in, and says the place means a lot to both of them, and so it’s decided they will wed there. Eric muses that he’s a bit worried about Thorne, and Ridge insists he’ll talk to him. But first he talks to Quinn, who observes they’ve come full circle and wishes Ridge all the best. Once everyone leaves Thorne and Ridge alone, Ridge challenges his brother to get along so they can work together. He then asks him to be his best man. Thorne is boggled by the request, and Ridge pushes, “Come on man, we’re family.” Thorne decides he’ll do it. They embrace. In the design office, Katie thought Brooke wanted to wait to remarry. Brooke says they want to bring the family together. She talks about the ups and downs they’ve been through together before asking Katie to be her maid of honor. Katie accepts and they hug. Brooke clarifies that she asked Steffy first. Katie knows and understands. They hug again and Katie tells her sister she loves her.

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