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At the Malibu house, Bill worries about Steffy staying holed up in the house. He feels it’s time to move forward and focus on the baby. “You can count on me to be here for both of you. To love both of you.” Steffy tells him ‘no’; she can’t accept that her marriage is over. She vows to repair her union and won’t give up on the man she loves. Bill reiterates that she’s alone and pregnant. Steffy isn’t interested in him rescuing her and protests when he proclaims that they made love that night. Steffy scoffs that he’s creating a fantasy surrounding the two of them, and he shouldn’t be there. She doesn’t want to make the biggest mistake of her life even worse. Bill’s sorry to have caused her pain. Steffy asks Bill to respect what she needs to do. Bill vows to do whatever he can to get Liam to come around, and to stay away. Steffy just wants her husband back.

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In Liam’s hotel room, Ridge urges his son-in-law not to let Bill break him, and encourages him to go reconcile with Steffy. Ridge rehashes that Steffy doesn’t want to be with Bill, she wants to be with Liam, and they’re having a baby together.Liam-think-forgiveness-BB-CBS He’s certain they can get through it, if Liam chooses to. Liam loves his wife, but as much as he wants to, he cannot forgive her. He becomes impatient with Ridge, who keeps pushing, and reiterates, “I’m not there yet, and I may never be.” Ridge knows his daughter has never loved anyone the way she loves Liam. “She made a mistake, and that’s on Bill.” Ridge understands Liam’s stance, but urges him to leave the door open a crack…you never know when the light will come through. Once alone, Liam thinks about Ridge and Steffy asking him to forgive.

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Hope-marvel-bills-cruelty-BB-CBSAt Brooke’s place, Hope reels from the revelation that Steffy had sex with Bill. Brooke observes that Steffy has apologized repeatedly; she doesn’t know how they’ll recover from this. Hope marvels at Bill being capable of such cruelty toward his own son. Brooke agrees, she was shocked, and frets about what this is doing to Ridge, who has such enormous love for Steffy. Ridge arrives. Hope tells him she’s sorry about everything before leaving him to speak with Brooke, who reveals she went to see Bill and knows what Ridge did. Ridge know she dislikes violence, but this is his daughter. “She’s nobody’s conquest.”Ridge-agreement-kiss-Brooke-BB-CBS Brooke sighs and embraces him. Ridge complains about Steffy’s current situation and reports that Liam can’t forgive her – he hopes he’ll find a way to get past the hurt. Brooke is glad Bill’s in her past, and suggests they bring the family together, and set an example of how love conquers all, by getting married right away. Ridge enthusiastically agrees and they kiss.

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