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At the hotel, Steffy tells Liam she’s not willing to give up on them; he’s too important to her. Steffy-embrace-Liam-relief-BB-CBSShe wants to know if there’s any hope at all and begs him to forgive her. Both have tears in their eyes, and they embrace. Liam wants to be able to say he forgives Steffy more than anything in the world. Steffy repeats that she won’t give up…what’s the alternative? Liam suggests maybe she could have a future with his father – perhaps that’s the life she really wants – they’re more alike than the two of them are. Steffy’s floored, and protests, “That’s crazy!” She will do anything to have her life with Liam. Both feel tortured. Liam can’t get her and Bill out of his head and as much as he wants to, he can never, ever forgive her.

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At Forrester Creations, an agitated Ridge thinks about Steffy and Bill. Hope appears, looking to talk, and he waves her in.Ridge-listens-Hope-BB-CBS She informs him she saw Steffy and is worried about her. Ridge learns Hope knows Liam walked out on Steffy, but she doesn’t know why. Ridge tells Hope he’s glad she’s home, but whatever is going on with Liam and Steffy has nothing to do with her. Hope wants to support them, but Ridge reflects that given the history, perhaps she should sit this one out. Hope ignores this, and observes that they’re both miserable. She wants the marriage to survive, especially since Steffy’s pregnant. Hope goes on and on about the situation before asking, “What did Steffy do?” Ridge doesn’t want her to concern herself with this and ends the conversation.

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In Bill’s office, Brooke hisses at him for having sex with his son’s wife. She thought he was trying to bring his family back together, but instead he did that. Brooke never thought he would stoop this low to get revenge on Liam. Bill insists it had nothing to do with that, and he won’t allow her to turn it into something sick or sordid. Brooke wonders what he’s saying and exclaims, “Oh my God, are you saying you have feelings for Steffy?” Bill intones that he was going through a lot and Steffy was there for him. Brooke points out that Steffy was trying to bring him and Liam back together and questions Bill somehow twisting that into a romantic connection. She knows all too well the damage something like this can cause and warns he can’t pursue it. Bill replies that it’s not that simple. Brooke reels, realizing he thinks he loves her. She wants an explanation, but Bill doesn’t feel he owes her one. He clarifies it wasn’t an affair, it happened once, and he didn’t use her or manipulate her. Brooke hollers that she doesn’t believe he didn’t have an agenda – he always has an agenda! Bill insists he wants Liam and Steffy’s marriage to survive. Brooke yells at him to leave them alone then, and pray that Liam forgives his wife.

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