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At Spencer Publications, Bill vows to Wyatt he’ll continue to fight for Liam and Steffy’s marriage. An emotional Wyatt worries it might be too late for that. Later, Katie arrives. Bill invites her to let him have it. Katie suspects he already knows what he did was despicable and unforgivable.Katie-upset-Bills-office-BB-CBS She has a question; “Why, Bill? Why would you do this to your son?” She hints at protecting Will, and Bill protests. Katie hollers that she knows he would lay down his life for his sons, but it doesn’t matter because time and again he sacrifices what he loves for what he wants. Katie wonders what he would sacrifice Will for! Katie rehashes how he always wanted Steffy. Bill insists he didn’t target his son’s wife. Katie replies, “But you wanted her.” Bill admits he wanted her, and not just for that night. Katie asks how he’ll fix this. Bill feels Liam just needs to cool off. Katie disagrees it’s that simple, and warns Bill has destroyed him. Bill just wants Liam to forgive Steffy for the baby’s sake.

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In Liam’s hotel room, Sally presses to find out if something happened between him and Steffy, and jumps to the conclusion that Steffy couldn’t forgive him for kissing her, and she ruined his marriage. Liam insists it’s not her fault, then relays that he’s left Spencer for good and cannot make good on his promise to relocate Spectra. He admits Steffy did something and he can’t get past it. Sally knows how much Steffy loves him and urges him to try and forgive her, just like she forgave him. Liam decides he does need to talk to her. Sally reminds him she’s around if he needs a friend.

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Steffy thinks she hears Liam enter the Malibu house, but it’s Wyatt. He’s trying to wrap his head around this whole thing and asks how she could do that with his father? How could she do this to Liam?Steffy-relieved-Liam-BB-CBS Steffy confirms that Bill didn’t manipulate her and protests that she doesn’t know why she did it. She worries that now she’s pregnant, and Liam wants nothing to do with her. Steffy cannot explain why she did the unthinkable. Wyatt reasons she was going through a terrible time, but his father wasn’t… Steffy insists the blame is shared. Wyatt believes Liam will still want a future with her. Steffy sniffs; she just wants him to come home. Later, he does come home. Steffy is relieved and apologizes again. Liam explains he thought about the baby and realized it’s not just about them anymore; they have to make some decision about the future.

Wyatt-Katie-bed-discuss-scandal-BB-HWIn bed at Katie’s place, Wyatt and Katie appreciate how easy it is to be together. Wyatt alludes to life being crazy and Katie asks, “Any particular reason why?” After some ‘fishing’ back and forth, they realize they both know what happened with Liam, Steffy, and Bill. They hope Liam and Steffy will work it out.

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