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In Malibu, Steffy paces the house reliving the last argument between her and Liam, and trying unsuccessfully to reach him on the phone. Steffy-pacing-BB-CBSShe gazes out the door, leaves him another voicemail, and then hears someone arrive. Steffy thinks it’s Liam, but it’s Bill, who deduces that his son hasn’t come home. He begins coaching Steffy how to remind Liam they have a family. Steffy corrects that they could have had a family and informs Bill they ruined everything. He’s stunned when Steffy goes on to warn that Katie knows everything. After Bill recovers, he goes back to urging Steffy to keep trying to get Liam to come home. Steffy learns Liam went to the office. Bill says he’s never seen his son like that before – Liam drew blood from the sword necklace, smeared it on his face, and cut all ties with him. Bill is okay with Liam blaming him, as long as he comes home. Steffy feels they may not be able to fix this and recaps how close they came to having the family they wanted. Bill assures her she’s not lost everything, and vows to fight for them. Steffy asks, “What if I lose Liam forever?”

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Wyatt startles Katie at Forrester Creations, as she’s flashing to Steffy’s revelations. Katie reveals that the pregnancy came up with Steffy, but she doesn’t know he told her. Wyatt’s relieved. Katie cryptically notes there’s a lot going on over there right now. Wyatt wonders aloud how long they’ll wait to announce it; he figures Liam’s out buying baby furniture. When he mentions Bill, Katie snaps that Bill should just stay out of it. Wyatt’s a little taken aback and asks if something happened when she went to see Steffy. Katie just thinks this is a special time that should be shared by Liam and Steffy. They agree it’s good Steffy had Katie to talk to, and she reflects that Liam and Steffy have always been able to overcome anything and this may be the biggest challenge ever.

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Hope-arrives-BB-HWAt Brooke’s place, Ridge wants to give Brooke her heart’s desire. He opens the door to Hope (played by Annika Noelle), who gushes, “Hi Mom!” Brooke gasps, “My baby!” as they embrace. Hope teases that Ridge has been relentless and explains that she is back and ready for a new challenge. Brooke giggles with happiness, and Ridge enthuses it’s time to put the family back together. Hope is excited to start a new line after working in Milan and Paris. Brooke wonders if she stayed away so long because of Liam’s marriage to Steffy. Hope knows they renewed their vows. Brooke updates that Liam had some issues with his father, and Ridge chimes in that he doesn’t think anything can tear Steffy and Liam apart. Hope is glad he’s happy; part of her will always love Liam and she now knows who she is apart from any man.

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