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Outside the Malibu house, Liam asks Steffy in a shaking voice why her doctor would order a paternity test. Steffy goes inside for water. Liam follows and doesn’t buy her insistence that it was a routine test. Steffy states that he’s the father and should let it go. Liam refuses, and demands, “Why did you order a paternity test?” Steffy presses him to forget about it, but Liam wonders, “Was it that night?” He recalls the night she ran off after learning he kissed Sally. It dawns on Liam that she went to the guesthouse and lied to him.Liam-stunned-confession-BB-CBS Steffy blurts, “Please don’t make me relive it!” Liam reels. He sputters that they renewed their vows that night and pleads with her to make him understand, to tell him what she did. Steffy cries that she went to the guesthouse to be alone and ‘he’ just showed up. Liam figures it was Wyatt. Steffy shakes her head, “No. Not your brother.” She protests that he doesn’t need to know who it was, but he hollers, demanding to know. Steffy screams, “It was Bill!” Liam looks shell-shocked as she repeats, “It was your father.”

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Bill-discuss-Steffy-with-Justin-BB-CBSAt Spencer Publications, Justin assures Bill he’ll remain silent about his dalliance with Steffy. They recap how Bill could have Steffy if he wanted to, but is being loyal to his son. Justin tells him he’s a good dad. Bill vows he’ll be the father Liam believes he is; he won’t blow this second chance or deprive his son of bonding with his baby. Justin asks if his feelings for Steffy will fade. Bill will lock them away as he did before due to Katie’s health concerns. They toast to Liam and Steffy having a baby.

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At Forrester Creations, Maya and Rick canoodle, then discuss Ridge’s affair with Quinn. Rick says Christmas wasn’t the time to bring it up, but he’ll let Ridge know he’s disgusted. Rick goes to the studio and laughs with Nicole about how much they all check in on Lizzie in the daycare. Rick thanks her for giving them a family. Nicole suggests they take a vacation and visit her soon; Maya and Rick need to take time for each other. Nicole alludes to spending more time away from Zende than she’d like to; she knows it’s important.Carter-admission-BB-CBS Meanwhile, Carter has Maya sign some documents. They compare notes on their holidays. Carter’s was quiet, and Maya senses something else is going on with him. Carter comes out with an apology for how he reacted when he found out she was transgender. Carter admits he misses her. “I miss us.” Maya’s taken aback. Carter presses her to remember what they were to each other and they flash back. Carter lets Maya know if her situation changes, she’s not out of options. Maya assures him nothing is missing from her marriage, and asserts that she doesn’t care for Carter that way anymore.

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