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At Spencer Publications, Liam talks to Wyatt about how the months until the baby comes will fly by. He relays that Steffy is worried about the pregnancy – she’s trying to hide it, but he can tell. They speculate whether it will be a boy or a girl. Liam feels blessed. In his office, Bill flashes to sex with Steffy, as well as her talking about the paternity test, then rushes out.

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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge is awed by her red lingerie. Brooke assures him Thorne won’t walk in as he’s moved out.Brooke-Ridge-lingerie-talk-BB-CBS Ridge wonders where he went, before kissing Brooke. She pulls back and worries about Thorne and Ridge’s relationship. Ridge loves his little brother, but will love him more when he’s not living with his fiancée. Brooke clucks that Thorne has had a lot of loss and deserves to be happy; Ridge should cut him some slack. Ridge tells Brooke she is his one and only, and carries her to the bed. After making love, Ridge reiterates how committed he is to Brooke.

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At Katie’s house, Thorne gestures to her lingerie and remarks that she was obviously expecting someone else. Katie assures him he’s not interrupting anything, then asks what’s going on. Katie-Thorne-move-in-BB-CBSThorne reveals he was kicked out of Brooke’s house. They commiserate about being the younger siblings of Ridge and Brooke. Thorne admits he’s concerned Ridge will hurt Brooke, and Katie realizes he’s holding a torch for her. Thorne confirms he thought she should marry him – they all know Ridge’s track record. Katie wonders about the other reason he came back. Thorne muses that Eric’s been supportive, but Ridge has been arrogant as ever. Katie urges Thorne to give Ridge some competition, then invites him to move into her place. He asks if she’s in a relationship, but Katie’s not sure what to call it. Thorne feels whatever it is, it’s working for her. She asks, “Is that a yes? Will you move in?”

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In the doctor’s office, Steffy demands to know who the father of her child is; her marriage is riding on it. Dr. Campbell reports that the lab found similar patterns in the DNA samples and needs to know if there’s a blood relation. Steffy confirms it, and pleads that the child has to be Liam’s. She recaps their troubles before admitting she had sex with her husband’s father. Dr. Campbell goes for the results and confirms that Liam is indeed the father of Steffy’s son or daughter. Steffy is tearfully relieved. As she leaves, Bill appears. Steffy informs him he’s not the father, and says no one needs to know about that night. “Everything is the way it’s supposed to be.” Bill is happy for her and Liam. They embrace.

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