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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke wishes all the Logan sisters could be together as she and Ridge reflect. Eric and Quinn appear, followed by Rick, Maya, and Nicole…Zende’s flight was postponed again. Ridge takes a call and tells the person on the other end there’s a car waiting for them.

Thorne-Quinn-Eric-Avants-Christmas-BB-HWIn the kitchen, Katie and Ivy chat with Pam and Charlie as they help with the cooking. Pam notes Katie is the one Logan sister they trust in the kitchen as Brooke enters and asks if she can do anything. Brooke returns to the living room, where the Avants, Liam, Steffy, and Wyatt have arrived, along with RJ and Coco, who check in with Brooke and Ridge. They note Bridget’s absence, and Brooke again wishes Donna could be there. Eric calls for everyone’s attention and wishes them all a Happy Holiday.

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Brooke-Donna-Christmas-BB-HWKatie and Wyatt make eyes at one another across the room. As she passes by he says, “Nice earrings by the way.” By the punch bowl, Nicole offers Steffy a drink, which she holds until Nicole walks away. Liam and Steffy have a whispered conversation about it being too early to tell people they’re expecting, and kiss. In an alcove, Katie and Wyatt kiss passionately. They’re glad they get to spend Christmas together. Meanwhile, Thorne chats with the Avants about his return, and Brooke stops Katie to warn her she saw her with Wyatt, though no one else did. Nearby, Ridge talks about holiday magic. Just then, Brooke looks up as Donna comes through the door. The sisters embrace and Katie rushes over as Donna reveals that Ridge arranged for the surprise. Ridge tells Brooke, “Merry Christmas.”

Ivy-Ridge-Brooke-RJ-engagement-BB-HWEric, Thorne, and Ridge discuss the Logan sisters being together again. Eric tells Ridge it was a nice surprise. In the kitchen, the Logan sisters get Pam going, donning aprons and looking to get involved. Once they’re back in the living room, Ridge calls for attention, thanks Eric and Quinn, and announces that Christmas came early for him as he asked Brooke to marry him again, and she said ‘yes’. RJ, thrilled, hugs them, and Thorne raises his glass and calls out, “Congratulations. From all of us.” Eric takes the spotlight with Quinn and makes a heartfelt speech about the love in his family that surpasses differences. Brooke talks about all the families coming together to make new memories, after which, Julius begins singing Silent Night while Eric plays the piano and the others join in. Maya and Julius share a close moment before Eric kicks off Joy To The World.

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