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Thorne-Sheila-cheating-reveal-BB-CDAt Il Giardino, Thorne marvels at Sheila’s revelation that Ridge had an affair with Quinn, and she was the woman he kissed when Brooke called off the wedding. Sheila warns he has good reason to be worried about Brooke. Thorne then learns that Eric knows – yet forgave both Ridge and Quinn. He needs answers. Sheila reminds him, “This didn’t come from me.”

In the Forrester Creations main office, Ridge has another surprise for Brooke and leads her out the door. In the design office, Eric updates Quinn that Ridge and Thorne have both loved Brooke. Talk turns to their own relationship, which they don’t want to be ‘on and off again’, just ‘on’. Thorne arrives to speak to Eric alone. He informs his father he knows that Ridge betrayed him again, with Quinn. Eric resists dredging it up again, but Thorne is undeterred. He wants Eric to join him in standing up to Ridge – he can’t keep ruining peoples’ lives.Brooke-Ridge-steamy-encounter-BB-HW Eric reveals that he disowned Ridge for a time. Thorne sneers that Ridge just takes and takes – he’ll put a stop to it. Eric wants him to drop it, but Thorne has more to say. “I carry your DNA, not Ridge, maybe that’s why it’s so easy for him to do the things he’s done to you.” Thorne plans to teach his brother that actions have consequences. Meanwhile, Ridge is in the steam room with Brooke, hoping to kiss his ‘future wife’. Talk turns to Thorne’s inquiries about Australia. Brooke says she didn’t tell him about Quinn. Ridge grunts that it’s in the past. Brooke knows he regrets what he did, and thanks him for being there for her and reminding her what they have together. Ridge vows they’ll make it work this time; nothing and no one will get in the way.

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Quinn-Sheila-taunt-BB-CDQuinn goes for takeout at Il Giardino and Sheila engages her. Sheila complains about being a working stiff, while Quinn has the Forrester money. She then moves on to baiting her about getting to see Ridge at the office every day. Quinn replies that she’s hoping Ridge and Brooke will be as happy together as she and Eric are. Quinn’s order comes, and she tells Sheila she’s a manipulative witch obsessed with her husband, who will never trust her again. “Your days of wreaking havoc on the Forresters are over.” After, Sheila, pleased, murmurs, “I still get to her.”

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Back at Forrester, Ridge finds Quinn eating alone and reports that he’s been in the steam room with Brooke. She chatters about running into Sheila. Ridge asks if Thorne’s in the building. Quinn nods; he seemed intense. Ridge will find out why.

At home, Brooke learns that Thorne knows Ridge cheated with Quinn. He rants about Ridge continuing to get away with lies and betrayal. Brooke admits she was horrified. Thorne won’t allow Ridge to break her heart again – she deserves a man who’s there for her completely. “You cannot marry my brother.”

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