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In Malibu, Liam schmoozes about how lucky he is to have such an amazing wife, but Steffy asks him not to put her on a pedestal. She reiterates that she never should have walked out on him, and is so happy they renewed their vows and she’s Mrs. Liam Spencer. Steffy talks about a trip that involves being cut off from the rest of the world. Liam admits he’s looking forward to spending time with his dad over Christmas. Steffy back-burners the discussion and says she has a meeting. Sex with Bill pops into her mind and Liam notices the change in her demeanor.

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At home, Bill can’t concentrate on work and flashes to arguing with Steffy about keeping their secret from Liam.Bill-cup-ponder-Steffy-BB-CBS Later, Steffy arrives and frets that she can’t keep what they did to herself any longer. Bill wonders if she’s willing to risk losing her marriage to come clean. He doesn’t want to lose his son either. Steffy moans, “Why couldn’t we stop ourselves?” Bill rehashes Liam betraying her with Sally. Steffy still feels she should give the same honesty Liam gave her. Bill predicts she’d lose Liam forever. He hates himself for what happened, but insists it wasn’t tawdry; they made love. Steffy cries, “Oh stop…” Bill can’t lock away those feelings again. “You and I are meant to be.”

In Sally and Coco’s place, the redhead tries on different pairs of earrings. Coco wonders where she’s going.Sally-prepare-visit-Liam-BB-CBS Sally shrugs that she’s going to drop in on Liam and see for herself how he’s doing. She flashes to declaring her love to him while trapped in the building, then tells Coco she’ll be careful not to run into Steffy. Her sister wonders if she’s moving on from what happened. Sally doesn’t want to create problems for Liam, she just wants to speak to him. Coco notes she fell really hard for the guy. Later, Darlita arrives and discusses Sally’s crush with Coco, who fills her in on the underground kisses. Darlita thinks it’s romantic, but scary. Coco agrees; Sally has a lot to work through. They marvel at Steffy forgiving Liam, and Darlita wonders where that leaves Sally.

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Sally arrives at Liam’s place and admires his home and view. Talk turns to Steffy. Liam remarks that it’s kind of surreal how understanding she’s been. Sally thinks Steffy knows she was to blame, which is why she forgave him so quickly. Liam marvels that she seemed to find peace overnight…it was like she left as one woman and came home another. Sally remarks that she certainly wouldn’t leave him, but apologizes for making him uncomfortable. She’s happy he has someone who is loving and true to him.

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