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At Brooke’s place, she and Thorne continue their conversation about Ridge. He’s certain whatever happened in Australia involved another woman. It upsets him that his brother always turns to someone else and doesn’t appreciate Brooke. Talk turns to design talent, and Thorne reveals some of his own drawings. Brooke is floored. “They’re beautiful.” Thorne explains he started designing after Aly died, after running into a famous designer who also lost a child and threw himself into his work. He was encouraged by other designers who took him under their wings and started his own label – Aly’s Fashions. Brooke is amazed that ‘The Aly Line’ is his. Thorne says he came back to L.A. to share his dream with her…and the rest of the family. Brooke embraces him enthusiastically. She looks forward to him breaking this news to the rest of the team. Thorne asks again about Sydney. Brooke shrugs that it was a silly kiss. Thorne presses that it must have been with someone pretty upsetting for her to call off the wedding. Brooke excuses herself.

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Ivy joins Ridge and Quinn to talk about jewelry designs at Forrester Creations. Ivy heard Thorne was home, and presumes Ridge must be happy.Ridge-strange-expression-work-BB-HW Once alone again, Ridge raves about Quinn’s newest designs – it’s her finest collection ever. Quinn then asks about Thorne. Ridge awkwardly says he doesn’t want Thorne to know what happened with them. Quinn understands, and is glad they kept their friendship. Brooke peeks in the door as Ridge touches Quinn’s necklace and murmurs, “Beautiful.” In the design office, Charlie chokes on his late lunch when Pam asks if he believes in rehabilitation and reveals she ran into Sheila at Il Giardino. Charlie is skeptical about Sheila changing and asks Pam to stop comparing herself to her. Pam insists she won’t let the brunette pull the wool over her eyes, but Charlie’s concerned. Pam feels Sheila’s only hope at this point is to change her ways, and tuts that everyone deserves a second chance…even Sheila. Charlie points out the only second chance Sheila wants is with Eric.

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In Il Giardino, Carter concludes a meeting with Eric and leaves.Eric-stunned-Sheila-BB-HW Eric is surprised when Sheila appears. “You’re still in town?” Sheila explains she’s had some of her happiest times there, and they rehash her plot with Mateo. Sheila insists she had to make sure Quinn was worthy of him, and for that she will never apologize. Eric is taken aback when Sheila notes she was getting ahead of herself a bit with the portrait, and asks if she could have it back. Eric goes over her trying to have Mateo seduce Quinn. Sheila admits she passed the test.

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