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At Brooke’s place, Thorne compliments her haircut. She laughs that he doesn’t have to butter her up; he can stay there as long as he likes. Brooke asks about the tension between him and Ridge. Thorne comments that it was funny when Ridge called him ‘little’ brother when they were kids, but not anymore. He admits that Ridge’s attitude is one of the reasons he stayed away. Brooke concedes that Ridge can be rough around the edges; it’s part of what makes him irresistible. Thorne hopes he appreciates her. He asks why Brooke broke off their marriage plans in Australia, and quickly deduces that Ridge cheated on her. Thorne’s sorry. Brooke thanks him; it’s good to have him home.

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn remarks to Ridge that it was a really nice holiday, especially since Sheila didn’t crash it. Ridge talks about he and Brooke putting their family back together again. The conversation turns to Thorne’s return. Quinn wonders if Ridge is unhappy he’s back. Ridge assures her he’s not worried about his little brother. Switching back to Brooke, he says they have a chance, and nothing and no one is going to get in their way.

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Sheila-offer-to-pam-BB-CBSPam startles upon seeing Sheila at Il Giardino, then asks if Eric know she’s still in town. Sheila assures her she won’t be bothering Eric or anyone else. Pam warns her about making trouble – she heard about the stunt she pulled with Mateo. Sheila stresses she still has concerns that Quinn can be the loyal wife Eric deserves. Pam relays that she’s going to Stephanie’s grave, alone, and Sheila offers to go with her. Sheila confides that they’ve a lot in common – she heard about Pam’s run-in with Donna up at Big Bear. Pam is unconvinced, but Sheila thinks they could be friends. Pam’s had a falling out with the ladies at the baking club, so considers it.

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In Bill’s office, he and Steffy exchange a glance when Liam tells Wyatt how glad he is to be reconciled with their father – and he owes it all to his wife. Bill pipes up that it wasn’t all Liam’s fault, he did things a father should never do to a son. He promises never to be that man again.Wyatt-Bill-Liam-quizzical-BB-CD Wyatt’s still a little surprised at their reconciliation, but hopes it sticks. Liam again credits Steffy, who announces they’re all going to move on and focus on the future. Later, Wyatt and Liam are discussing building plans, when Wyatt expresses cynicism about Bill and Liam’s sudden forgiveness – he thinks something more is going on. The way Bill is acting makes him think something’s up. Still in Bill’s office, Steffy tells him she’s in disbelief about what they let happen. Bill agrees they let Liam down, but says it was beautiful. He grouses that Wyatt’s suspicious. Steffy panics and wants to come clean. Bill intones that Liam can never know, it would kill him. “No one will ever know.”

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