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After Thanksgiving dinner, Eric sits with Brooke and Ridge and thanks them for welcoming Quinn into the family. He would like to see the two of them as happy as they are. Ridge says he would very gladly spend the rest of his days with her. Just then, Thorne (played by Ingo Rademacher), walks through the door. With Eric behind her, Brooke rushes over to embrace him and squeals, “I can’t believe you’re here.” Brooke-Thorne-hug-BB-HWLess enthusiastically, Ridge intones, “Neither can I. Welcome home, little brother.” Thorne tells Brooke she looks beautiful as always. Eric is tickled about the surprise, and Brooke hugs Thorne again to Ridge’s chagrin. When asked, Thorne reports that he needed time to grieve after Aly’s death, but has realized it’s time to move back to L.A. Eric and Brooke are thrilled, but Ridge thinks it’s a little sudden. Thorne disagrees – this is home. He doesn’t want to intrude on Eric and Quinn, and isn’t sure where he’ll stay. The topic switches to Brooke’s love life. She’s divorcing Bill, but disputes Ridge’s claim that they are ‘back on’. Thorne looks amused as Ridge rants about reuniting. In a moment alone, Thorne wants to know where he and Ridge stand. Ridge insists he’s always welcome. Thorne asks him to drop ‘little’ brother; it’s condescending, and suggests he use ‘half’ brother, noting his Marone blood. Ridge warns antagonizing him is a bad idea.

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Steffy-Liam-kiss-sofa-BB-HWAt home, Steffy remembers being hysterical after having sex with Bill. Liam wonders what’s on her mind. Talk turns to all that’s happened, and Liam rehashes his feud with Bill. Steffy’s just glad they made up. Liam says he and his dad are both so grateful to her. He reflects that he could have lost everyone and apologizes again for betraying her with Sally. Liam asks Steffy to accompany him to Spencer as it’s a new beginning for their family. Steffy resists, but he really needs her there.

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At Spencer, Bill flashes to telling Steffy he loves her, to her explaining she and Liam renewed their wedding vows, and to his reconciliation with Liam. A disgruntled Wyatt enters, grouching about being the last to know they’re one big happy family again. Bill insists they’re putting that past in the past, that’s all. They bicker as Wyatt complains about being left out of the loop. Bill explains that Liam realized his loyalty to Sally would cost him his wife. They agree Steffy is remarkable. Wyatt wonders where she went after walking out on Liam, and Bill flashes to having sex with her. Steffy and Liam arrive. Bill and Steffy look uncomfortable as Wyatt urges her to stay and Liam speaks about family coming first. Wyatt mentions the skyscraper. Bill is committed to Sky, but also to getting Spectra up and running in a new location. Liam’s appreciative, and Steffy’s fine with it. Wyatt thinks he’s in a parallel universe. Liam launches into another speech about giving Bill his loyalty…as he’s always given him his.

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