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At home, Liam rehashes putting their marriage in jeopardy, and tells Steffy she’s a wonderful woman. Steffy urges him to stop…she’s not that wonderful. Liam starts talking about Bill, and notes, “He would never betray me, the way I did to him.” They switch gears back to them, and their fresh start. Liam also wants that with his father. He wants to ask for Bill’s forgiveness and rebuild his faith in him. Liam asks Steffy to accompany him to Spencer, but she rambles that it might complicate things. Liam protests that everything good that happened with his father was because of her.

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In Bill’s office, he flashes to sex with Steffy, then to her making him promise to keep quiet. Justin enters, and wonders why he’s not on the Stella Maris. Bill snaps that his trip is canceled…it’s not happening. Justin queries his boss to find out what’s bothering him. He supposes maybe it’s Liam’s betrayal. Liam-Bill-visit-office-BB-HWBill flashes to undressing Steffy and mutters, “I wonder where he learned that from?” He rants cryptically about the terrible things he’s done and intones that he doesn’t deserve Liam’s respect…or his love. Justin gives Bill a pep talk, but even admiring Sky can’t get him out of his mood. He barks at Justin to cancel the jet and the yacht. Later, Liam, followed closely by Steffy, enters Bill’s office. Bill looks wary. Liam launches into a speech about being wrong a lot lately, and wants to come back and work with his father. He tells Bill he betrayed him, and he’s sorry. “Would you forgive me?” Liam is ready to make their father and son relationship a priority – he notes how loyal Bill has been to him and says, “I love you, Dad.” Bill returns the sentiment, and they embrace.

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Maya and Rick are at the Forrester mansion to help get ready for Thanksgiving. Eric chortles that they’re right on time.Rick-Maya-Quinn-Eric-Pam-Charlie-pre-Thanksgiving-BB-HW Pam and Charlie bustle in discussing the ratios being off last year, and inform Quinn and the others they’ll have the kitchen under control. Eric notes Zende will be missing, but they will have a full house. Quinn notes Sheila will not be there. Eric agrees after everything that happened she wouldn’t dare crash their Thanksgiving. Pam and Charlie sit down and get to planning and negotiate with Quinn about what time they’ll gain access to the kitchen. Rick and Maya joke about the guest list not being conducive to a stress-free holiday. Eric reminds them Thanksgiving is a magical time in that house. Pam hates to say it, but she thinks it might take a miracle worker to bring everyone together this year. Debate ensues about the seating chart. Quinn will do it if she doesn’t hear from Steffy…it must have slipped her mind. Later, Quinn listens as Eric worries about Steffy’s lack of communication. They share a close moment as Quinn expresses thanks for everything Eric’s brought into her life.


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