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At home, Bill phones Justin to make sure the Stella Maris is on standby – his calls will go to Wyatt, and only Justin will know where he is. After disconnecting, Bill flashes to sex with Steffy. Soon, Steffy arrives. He tells her the jet and the yacht are ready; they need time to make decisions. Steffy isn’t flying anywhere with him. Bill learns she didn’t tell Liam what happened. He insists finally being with her has changed everything and declares they are going away together today. Steffy says she can’t, and informs him she and Liam renewed their vows. Bill waves it off as a bunch of hocus pocus. He reminds Steffy of their history – they suppressed their feelings because of Katie’s health, and he needed her to be with Liam so she’d be off limits. He loves Liam, but he wasn’t a loyal husband and son.Steffy-cant-go-with-you-BB-CBS Steffy points out she was disloyal as well. Bill insists no one has ever accepted him; the good, the bad, and the ugly, except Steffy. He feels she was drawn to him as she always has been, and that her marriage is a lie. He caresses her hair and muses that the choice is clear; he’s never made love to a woman the way he did last night and knows it was mutual. Steffy informs him she wants to be married to his son – that’s never changed. Bill argues that they are more alike than she and Liam will ever be; they belong together. Steffy protests that she hates the way he talks about his son, but Bill keeps up the pressure, and paints a picture of her living her life staying quiet and telling lies. He rants about her going from powerful kickass woman to sobbing in the family guesthouse. Steffy only wants one thing from him. Bill intones, “My silence.” Steffy agonizes and eventually extracts a promise that he won’t say anything.

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Wyatt arrives at Liam’s house complaining that he hasn’t been answering his phone. Liam explains he had his phone on silent. Wyatt asks if Steffy came home and rehashes how stupid it was for Liam to support Sally Spectra over his wife.Liam-Wyatt-deal-with-Bill-BB-CBS Liam reveals he didn’t lose Steffy – she forgave him. Wyatt’s curious how much he had to grovel, and Liam describes how they renewed their vows with Carter last night. Wyatt marvels over the news and they discuss how Liam lost perspective. Talk turns to Bill. Liam notes the importance of absolute loyalty to Bill – he broke that, and their father would never do that to him. Wyatt wonders what he plans to do about Bill. Liam isn’t sure. Wyatt feels all their father wants is for him to respect the relationship. Liam agrees – Steffy gets that; she literally put herself in between him and Bill to save the relationship.


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