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In his office, Bill flashes to his night with Steffy repeatedly. Justin enters and chortles about the ‘lucky lady’ his boss plans to take on the yacht, and assumes it’s Brooke. He’s glad she came to her senses. Bill gives instructions for the yacht to be stocked for a week, and points out he never said it was Brooke. He tells Justin to put ‘Mrs. Spencer’ on the travel plan. After, Bill looks at a photo of the Stella Maris and flashes to telling Steffy how he feels about her.

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At home, Steffy, still shell-shocked, apologizes for worrying Liam. He reminds her he is the one that broke their vows. Liam insists they can put this behind them, and suggests they renew their marriage vows. Carter arrives and Liam informs him what they would like to do, and adds they’d like to do it tonight. Steffy-Liam-vow-renewal-BB-CBSCarter wonders if they’re both on board, and Steffy acts overwhelmed. Carter goes into the kitchen and Liam explains to Steffy he needs to do this after what happened with Sally. Steffy says she has to tell him something about tonight…she gave up on them. Liam interrupts his wife repeatedly, and presses her to let him know how she feels in the vows. Steffy decides a fresh start is what they need and agrees. Carter soon begins the vow renewal ceremony. They share personal vows. Liam promises to put Steffy first from now on, and Steffy tells Liam he’s her forever. “I’m never going to leave you again, ever.” Carter signals them to put their rings back on and pronounces them husband and wife again…and still. They embrace and Liam thanks Steffy for coming home to him. Once Carter’s gone, Liam holds his wife, who flashes to sex with Bill as Liam promises never to disrespect their vows again.

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Katie-Wyatt-role-playing-BB-CBSIn Katie’s bedroom, she coyly answers the door in lingerie, and Wyatt, sporting a fake mustache and dressed as a pizza deliveryman, enters with an ‘extra-large’. He takes her in and exclaims, “Mama Mia.” Katie feigns dismay – she has no money – how will she pay him? They kiss and the fake mustache comes off on Katie’s lips. After, sex and pizza, Wyatt declares this was a great idea. Katie has many more, and wonders if he could get a hold of a pilot’s uniform. Talk turns to Bill finding out about their dalliance, and Liam’s troubles with Steffy. Wyatt hopes it’s not too late for his brother. He suggests they invite Bill over and let him in on their secret, but Katie feels they should wait until his father gets back with Brooke, or with some other woman who can distract him.

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