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In the Forrester guesthouse, Steffy awakens naked in the sheets with Bill and bolts upright in horror. Bill awakens as she leaps from the bed and begins to hyperventilate. Bill works unsuccessfully to get her to calm down as she locates her keys and stammers that she has to get out of there, slamming the door behind her.

Carter-takes-Liam-call-BB-CBSAt home, Liam flashes to kissing Sally as he replays his argument with Steffy in his mind. He looks at his phone and murmurs, “Where are you, Steffy?” Liam phones Carter at Forrester Creations, and learns Steffy’s not there. He then asks Carter to stop by after he leaves; it’s important.

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In the Forrester mansion, Quinn reveals to Eric that she signed up for cooking classes. Over martinis, they rehash Sheila’s attempt to break them up. Eric regrets letting her get anywhere near his family ever again. Quinn muses that she may have done some terrible things in the past, but nothing like Sheila – she hopes she’s far away. Eric assures her nothing and no one will break them up. Eric-guesthouse-discovery-BB-CBSThey clink their glasses together and go over Sheila’s lame plan to get Mateo to seduce Quinn. She thinks Mateo’s a good guy, but assures Eric his are the only hands she wants exploring her body. They continue to discuss Sheila’s motivations until Quinn learns she has a package. Outside the door, she picks up her box, and calls Eric – she saw someone leaving the guesthouse. They investigate, and Eric confirms someone’s been there. Quinn declares that it must have been Sheila! Eric tries to talk her down. He realizes someone took a shower, and Quinn identifies Steffy’s watch left behind. Eric hopes everything’s okay with her and Liam.

Steffy arrives at home crying, “Liam, oh my God I’m sorry.” She regrets ever leaving and they embrace. Liam-Steffy-forgiven-BB-CBSLiam wonders what’s going on with her, as she’s borderline hysterical. He begins spouting apologies about hurting her with Sally – he lost perspective and crossed a line. Steffy blubbers that she should have stayed there. She forgives him and loves him. Surprised, Liam asks, “You forgive me?” She keeps saying sorry and Liam assures her she did nothing wrong. He wants to put it all behind them. She blurts that she’s not sure she can. Liam implores her to try and continues telling her she did nothing wrong.

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Bill-Steffy-sex-BB-CBSAt Spencer Publications, Bill pours a scotch. Justin enters and asks where he was. Bill replies, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” While Justin takes a call about Spencer Towers, Bill stares at a photo of Liam and Steffy. Later, Bill reclines in his chair with his drink and wears a self-satisfied expression as he flashes to having sex with Steffy.

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