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In the Forrester guesthouse, Steffy sobs to Bill that she worked so hard to effect peace between him and Liam, and so blessed he survived the blast – she can’t stand to think about him making out with Sally. Bill remarks on Liam becoming familiar with betrayal, touches Steffy’s face and tells her she deserves so much more from a man, then holds her. Bill assures her she’s not alone. They discuss Liam having an emotional connection to Sally. Steffy complains he should have been thinking about her, but instead he was kissing Sally. Bill doesn’t think his son has ever fully appreciated how uniquely special Steffy is, and asks how they left things. Steffy shrugs that she told Liam they needed time.Bill-hold-Steffy-face-BB-CBS Bill moves in close and assures Steffy there is nothing wrong with her; she’s incredible…perfection. Steffy feels if she were perfect, her husband wouldn’t be making out with another woman. Bill murmurs, “Maybe he’s not the one for you.” Steffy goes on about Liam finding something in Sally he couldn’t find in her. Bill wants to be there for her, as she was for him. She feels like a failure, but he insists she’s a prize and Liam failed her. “He doesn’t deserve you.” Steffy thanks him for trying to make her feel better, but Bill intones that he meant every word – he cherishes every moment he’s with her. Talk turns to how alike they are; they understand one another. Bill doubts Liam will ever ‘get’ her. He declares, “I love you, Steffy,” and strokes her face as he delivers a heartfelt speech detailing how he feels about her, always has, and always will. Steffy gazes into his eyes.

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At the Malibu house, a concerned Wyatt tries to assure Liam that everything will work out as he paces and moans, “I really can’t lose her.” They debate about Bill’s degree of responsibility since he pushed for the skyscraper.Wyatt-listening-Liam-vow-BB-CBS Wyatt defends their father’s point of view. Liam thinks Bill likes trampling over ‘the little guy’ because he’s a selfish bastard. Wyatt argues their father is not just driven by ego – his sons drive him more than anything. He reminds Liam what he enjoys because of Bill, and says he’s always been faithful and loyal to him. Wyatt suggests perhaps Bill could help Liam with Steffy, but Liam doesn’t want him involved in it. They agree it’s best not to go looking for Steffy, who doesn’t want to be found. Liam declares that he has to make this right.

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Steffy’s actions make her more forgiving toward Liam.

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