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In the Forrester guesthouse, Steffy lays on the bed and flashes to Liam’s confession about kissing Sally. Her cellphone rings, and she ignores a call from Liam.

In Malibu, Liam leaves Steffy a voicemail asking her to please come home or call back. He says he’s so sorry and only loves her. After, he sits morosely reliving their argument.

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt updates a distracted Bill on the plans for the skyscraper. Bill’s still upset about his estrangement from Liam. Wyatt complains that Liam and Sally’s protest brought on so many problems. He feels Steffy will bring them together again. Bill phones her, and realizes she’s upset. He learns Steffy and Liam fought, and she’s not at home, so tells Wyatt he’s going to find her.

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At Sally and Coco’s apartment, the sisters discuss the potential fallout of Liam confessing to Steffy. Sally doesn’t want their marriage to fail because of her, but Coco points out that this could open the door for her and Liam, and says, “Just imagine it.”Sally-kiss-Liam-malibu-BB-HW Sally drifts into a daydream about being Liam’s wife. She arrives home after another successful day at Spectra Fashions, kisses her sexy husband, who is running Spencer Publications, and gushes about the support he’s given her and the amazing changes in her life, before indulging in a make out session. After, Coco urges Sally to call Liam, but she doesn’t want to make things worse. Coco dials Sally’s phone and connects them.

Wyatt arrives at Liam’s place to check on him and fishes to find out if his argument with Steffy had to do with Sally. Liam’s expression confirms it. Wyatt exclaims, “Oh my God, Liam. What were you thinking?” Liam takes a call from Sally, but doesn’t want to get into what happened with Steffy. When he disconnects, Wyatt explodes at him again. Liam hollers– he just can’t lose Steffy. Liam beats himself up for getting carried away and losing perspective. Wyatt grimaces as Liam panics, and assures him Steffy will come back.

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Bill knocks on the Forrester guesthouse door, having seen Steffy’s car. She opens the door looking despondent. Bill-comfort-Steffy-angry-look-BB-HWBill wants to be there for her and return the favor. Steffy lets him in. Bill asks if Liam hurt her. Steffy sighs and starts complaining about Liam’s obsession with Sally. Bill admits he thought Liam was into her. Steffy fills him in on the happenings in the rubble. Bill growls that Steffy deserves more. They agree Liam wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t have feelings for Sally. Bill holds Steffy as she cries. “You deserve so much better, Steffy.”

In the apartment, Sally gets angry at Coco for dialing Liam, before relaying that she could tell by Liam’s voice that he was heartbroken.

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