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At the Malibu house, Steffy is disgusted and hurt over Liam and Sally ‘making out’ in the rubble. Liam pleads for her forgiveness. Steffy knows he loves her, but believes he feels something for Sally as well. Steffy-disgusted-hurt-BB-CBSLiam rambles that he let Steffy down, and he let himself down. “It was a life or death moment.” Steffy hollers that’s no excuse. Liam sighs – it’s just what happened. He reiterates that he loves Steffy and wants a life with her. Steffy yells that she never questioned his loyalty, yet he put her second to her worst enemy! Liam assures her she’s second to no one, which reminds Steffy of competing with Hope, who won every time until she left for Paris. When Liam contends that Sally was victimized, Steffy can’t believe he’s still defending her. Liam becomes agitated; she’s making it sound like he had an affair. Steffy points out Sally’s been his passion; maybe he should go and be with her. Liam admits he got too involved. Steffy shouts, “How dare you cheapen what we have.” Liam messed up and wants to make it right. Steffy needs time to think, and feels he does too. She tells him he disgusts her and walks out.

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In their apartment, Sally worries to Coco that telling Steffy the truth will turn out badly for Liam. Sally opens up to her sister about Liam gifting her the building, which is when she started to fall for him. Coco marvels that Liam is nothing like his father; he cares about people. She thinks it’s clear Sally is in love with him. Sally recalls that it was like hell being trapped after the demolition, but Liam talked her through her fears and said wonderful things to her, so she decided to be honest with him. Sally remembers when he kissed her back, she forgot about dying. Now, she just wants to get past this confession he’s making. Coco warns Sally she may never see him again. Sally is willing to pay the price for Liam’s happiness.

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Wyatt-doubt-reconciliation-BB-CBSAt Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Bill discuss the situation with Liam. Bill says Steffy makes him believe a reconciliation is possible, but Wyatt can’t see the two of them singing Kumbaya. They rehash the sit-in and demolition. Bill rants that everything would have been fine had Liam not got all caught up in Sally. He adds that the best thing for Liam’s marriage would be if Sally packed up and left town. Bill remarks on the lengths Steffy will go to save his relationship with Liam and muses, “She’s incredible.” Wyatt knows it. Bill wonders why Liam’s putting his attention on Sally rather than his wife.

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