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At Bill’s place, Steffy assures her father-in-law that Liam will come around. Bill reiterates that he never intended to hurt Liam. Steffy knows that; she was there. Bill sometimes feels Steffy gets him more than anyone ever has.

At Coco’s place, Sally is certain Steffy wouldn’t understand what it was like for them trapped in the rubble.Coco-Sally-come-clean-BB-HW Liam insists he has to tell his wife that they kissed, and adds that it wasn’t just a kiss. Sally won’t apologize for saying she loved him. She warns that Steffy hates her, and could end up hating him too if he confesses. Liam explains he must adhere to the principles he holds others to; Steffy has to know all of it. Later, Coco returns and senses Sally’s worried about something. Her sister explains that she and Liam kissed and reveals she told Liam she loved him. Coco thinks it was the fear, and urges her to forget it. Sally cries that Liam is telling Steffy.

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Katie and Wyatt kiss at Spencer Publications before rehashing Bill’s troubles with Liam and Brooke. Mystified, Wyatt wonders if his father thinks this was all worth it. Katie reflects that Wyatt is kind of the golden boy right now…the situation with Liam and Bill could have a significant impact on his future. Wyatt-Bill-office-loyalty-BB-HWShe asks if Wyatt thinks that could change if Bill discovers their relationship. Katie suggests that if it could harm him, perhaps they should put this on hold…or end it. Wyatt is stunned and asserts that he’s not about to give up on what they have. Just then, Bill arrives. He chastises Wyatt for playing ‘captain of the ship’ in his office, and asks what Katie’s doing there. Katie stopped by because she was concerned; he’s been through something horrific and she’s sorry. Bill gruffly thanks her. Talk turns to Liam’s obsession with Sally, which Bill blames for this situation. He worries if Liam keeps it up, he’ll alienate his wife as well.

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At home, Liam tells Steffy they need to talk. He wants her to understand what happened at Spectra. Steffy interjects that she saw his father and is determined to bring peace to the family. Liam-Steffy-confession-kiss-BB-HWShe goes on that Bill needs to understand that his principle and values aren’t liabilities. Uptight, Liam blurts that there’s something she needs to know. Steffy becomes emotional about almost losing him. Liam reiterates why he stood up for Sally’s cause before revealing that when they thought they were going to die, Sally told him she loved him, then kissed him. Steffy digests the news, then seeks further details. Liam admits they kissed again. Steffy begins to flip out. “You have feelings for her!” Liam is so sorry, and protests, “I love you more than anything.” He asks for her forgiveness, but Steffy just glares and cries.

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