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At the hospital, the doctor (played by Innis Casey), informs the coughing Liam and Sally that aside from the dust in their lungs, they were insanely lucky. Steffy enters and embraces Liam when she hears the good news. In the waiting area, Shirley, Saul, Darlita, and Coco gang up on Bill, who defends himself and offers to pay to set up Spectra Fashions. Shirley informs him they don’t want his help. Bill goes in to see if Liam and Sally are all right, and debate ensues as Bill tries to make amends. Liam-glare-Bill-BB-CBSSally argues that the building cannot be replaced due to the history, but she accepts Bill didn’t intend to kill her, just her future. Steffy attests that Bill didn’t know they were still inside. Liam advises his father to go home. Bill hopes to pick up the conversation later and exits. Later, a nurse (played by Michelle McGinty), discharges Sally, and Shirley learns that a ‘Mr. Spencer’ paid the bill, though not which one. Saul tearfully tells Sally he’s glad someone was with her even if it wasn’t him.

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Brooke-talk-Katie-about-Bill-BB-CBSAt Forrester Creations, Brooke is aghast when Katie fills her in on the recent events in Bill’s life, and wonders why Bill has to be so impatient and want everything right now. They discuss Bill’s reconciliation with Liam. Brooke remarks on Wyatt taking Katie into his confidence – she thinks it’s nice they’ve grown closer since working together. Katie switches gears back to Bill, and they agree they both root for him when he’s trying to do the right thing.

At home, Steffy and Liam argue about whether he has any responsibility to help Sally. Steffy is fed up with it, and advises him to get off this merry-go-round he’s on with his father and let Sally land on her feet like she always does. Liam flashes to kissing Sally when they embrace.

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Brooke arrives at Bill’s place, where he updates that things aren’t good between him and Liam. She’s glad he’s okay, but asks, “You actually blew up the building with your son in it?” Bill insists he believed it was empty. He recounts that Liam had forgiven him; they had a clean slate, and wonders, “Why can’t we have a clean slate, Brooke?” He expresses his love, but she notes that’s never been their problem. They debate about what happened, and Bill is irritated that she could think he’d risk killing his son deliberately – she clearly can’t understand the hell he’s been through. Brooke was prepared to honor her vows, and Bill says she still can, but she tells him goodbye.

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