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Inside the demolished Spectra building, Bill and Steffy continue to search and call out for Liam and Sally. Bill holds Steffy tightly and says, “I’ve got you,” when concrete begins to rain down on them.Bill-touch-Steffy-face-rubble-BB-HW Once it stops, Steffy spots red hair in her flashlight beam. It turns out to be a mannequin. Outside, Shirley frets, and Darlita attacks Justin and has to be restrained by Saul, as their anxiety increases over Sally and Liam’s fate. Shirley wonders to Justin what kind of a man Dollar Bill must be to have done this. Inside, trapped under concrete, Liam and Sally awaken from unconsciousness and call for help again. Steffy and Bill hear them. Meanwhile, Liam assures Sally they’ll get out of there. She reiterates that she loves him; he’s the best thing that ever happened to her. Liam holds her gaze until Bill’s voice breaks the silence. Liam shouts to his father.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt frantically tries to get an update on the situation at the Spectra building. Katie is close to hysterical. Wyatt barks at Alison to get Justin on the line – he needs information now! When Justin comes on the line he reports that Bill and Steffy are inside searching and the rubble is unstable. Wyatt wants to come down there, but Justin insists he can do more where he is; Liam is trapped in the building and Bill’s responsible – it doesn’t look good for the company or family. Justin feels if it caves in, Bill would want Wyatt to handle things. After, Katie urges Wyatt to have faith.

Steffy-pull-Sally-out-Bill-BB-HWInside the Spectra building, Liam and Sally are located by Bill and Steffy. As the creaking and falling concrete becomes more ominous, Bill radios out for help. Outside, Shirley, Justin, Saul, and Darlita are relieved when the firefighter’s radio crackles with Bill’s voice saying, “They’re alive.” Justin calls Wyatt to update him. Inside, Bill and Steffy work together to free Sally, then turn their attention to Liam, but he is wedged in too tightly. As the firefighters appear, the area around Liam caves in further. Outside, a firefighter provides an update, and notes that all lives inside are at risk due to the imminent collapse.

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At Spencer, Wyatt disconnects and tells Katie that Liam is still trapped and the others may have to get out since the rubble will only hold for so long.

Inside the demolished building, Liam pleads with Bill to get Steffy and Sally out, but Bill uses all of his strength making a final effort to free his son’s legs. He succeeds. Steffy, sobbing, embraces her husband, who looks over at Sally.

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