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In the darkened Spectra building, debate ensues among the group as to whether or not Bill will blow them up. Liam stops short of reassuring them. Outside, Bill informs Justin he won’t be stopped – the building is being demolished today. While a part of him admires Liam, he can’t allow him to get in the way. He predicts his son’s misplaced devotion will come back to bite him in the ass.

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Steffy-disconnect-Liam-BB-CBSAt Forrester Creations, Wyatt thinks the idea of a sit-in is ridiculous and hopes Liam and his group will get out of the building. Steffy doesn’t have a good feeling about the situation. She calls Liam, who reveals he’s inside the place, which is wired with explosives, and Bill’s cut the power. Steffy pleads with him not to do this. He wishes she could be more supportive, even proud of him. Liam promises to phone later and disconnects. Wyatt is appalled to hear that the explosives aren’t enough to get his brother out. They discuss the face-off between Liam and Bill. Wyatt says one of them will cave eventually, they’ll have to. He knows they’ll work it out. Steffy remains flustered and decides she has to go there, as she has a feeling something bad will happen.

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At the Spectra site, Bill phones in to Liam and they rehash his offer to relocate Spectra Fashions. Liam insists they are staying put, and if he plans to bring down the building, he’ll have to do it with him inside. After realizing Bill’s not backing down, Shirley, Darlita, and Saul become nervous. Liam urges them to leave if they want to, but he will stay – he won’t see their history turned into a graveyard for the sake of one man’s ego. Sally also wants to stand up to Bill Spencer, and will stay until the end. Outside, Bill doesn’t want to call the cops on the protesters, but orders the crew to blow up the warehouse, which is 200 feet away, to give them a jolt.Bill-horrified-BB-CBS Inside, Shirley, Darlita, and Saul are done with the sit-in after hearing the explosion. Sally tells Liam it’s not worth it, and is about to follow, but hangs back with Liam flashing through Spectra memories. Finally, they head for the door also. Outside, Justin reports to Bill that the group has left the building, including Sally and Liam. Bill is pleased. After, Liam and Sally decide they can’t give up and go back in. Justin realizes Liam has disappeared and frantically tries to text and call Bill, who already has his headgear on. Bill pushes the detonator with a smile as Steffy arrives. Upon seeing Justin’s text, Bill’s expression turns to horror and he screams, “No!”

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