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At Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy argue about his plan to hold a sit-in at Spectra. She won’t let him do it, and exclaims that Bill is demolishing the building today. Liam replies, “Not with me in it.” Wyatt-Steffy-discuss-Liam-BB-HWSteffy next takes Liam to task for telling Sally that Bill was behind the fire. Liam sighs that she figured it out. Steffy brings up the photo of him on Sally’s wall – she thinks the redhead has a crush on him. Liam assures her nothing is going on with him and Sally, however he won’t back down on his principles. He intends to go through with his plan. Later, Wyatt arrives, looking to run something by Katie. Steffy mutters that she hasn’t seen her, and vents about Liam’s reckless behavior. Wyatt is stunned to hear that Liam and the Spectra gang are planning a sit-in. Steffy feels he’s going way too far putting himself in harm’s way for Sally Spectra.

At Spencer Publications, Bill and Justin get updated on the planned explosive demolition. Bill tells ‘Sky’ she’s going up and nothing will stop her. After, Liam arrives and tries again to convince Bill to give Sally a year in the location. Bill reiterates his generous offer to relocate them.Liam-Bill-last-effort-BB-HW Liam argues it’s about family legacy. Bill sweetens the pot by offering to promote Sally’s relaunch, and maintains that his skyscraper will go up in the chosen location. Liam announces Sally and her team are staging a sit-in and he will be joining them. Bill laughs and laughs. He wonders if Liam will also tattoo a peace sign on his butt. Liam counters that Bill is being a bully, which prompts a history lesson on how Bill got to where he is without anyone showing him any mercy. Bill expects family loyalty. Liam, exhausted, reiterates his stance. Bill informs him the explosives are already in place. Liam says, “Then I guess you’ll have to blow me up too.”

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Sally and her team gather in the Spectra Fashions building, from which all their stuff has been removed. Sally opines that with Liam on their side there’s still a chance Bill could change his mind. She warns the sit-in could get dangerous, but Saul, Shirley and Darlita stay, and enthuse about being ‘revolutionaries’. Three workmen enter and the foreman tells them they need to exit the building now. Sally informs him they’re not leaving. Later, outside the building Justin wonders why Bill’s not happier. Bill updates him on the sit-in. Inside, Sally and the others are wondering where Liam is, when he appears. Outside, Justin reports that Liam has gone in. Bill orders him to cut the power. In the office, Sally seeks assurance from Liam that his father won’t blow up the building with him inside. Liam appears uncertain.

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