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Steffy arrives at Spencer Publications, where Bill informs her he is still building his skyscraper and explains how the Spectra property belongs to him. Steffy realizes he and Liam are fighting again. Bill-Steffy-favor-for-nothing-BB-HWBill insists it was a majority vote. Steffy mentions that Sally knows he started the fire. Bill counters that she can’t prove anything and says the building is coming down. They debate about Bill’s offer to relocate Spectra. Bill grouses that Liam has no understanding as to why that location is so important for his skyscraper, and complains that he’s siding with that redhead again, over his family – he’s attached to Sally in a way he shouldn’t be. Steffy wonders what exactly he’s implying. Bill responds that he’s telling her straight up that Liam is too close to Sally. Steffy argues that he fights for the underdog, and reveals that Sally had a photo of her husband on the wall. Bill growls that it’s time to stamp out Spectra Fashions and end Sally’s connection with Liam.

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At Spectra, Shirley and Sally are discussing their designs when Liam appears. Shirley chirps about appreciating their benefactor before heading out. Liam tensely blurts, “Sally I am so sorry.” He explains his father blocked ownership of the building and is taking it back. Sally needs a few more weeks to get things up and running before making payments. Liam sighs that it’s not about the money – Bill wants to build his skyscraper there. Sally can’t believe it when he says the wrecking crew is ready to go – where are they supposed to go. “I can’t keep fighting and losing.” Sally-Liam-Shirley-building-talk-BB-CDAs they’re talking, Saul, Shirley, and Darlita enter, enthusing about the line. Sally announces that she doesn’t own the building, and that Bill wants to demolish it this week. Shirley gets worked up – if they bring in that wrecking ball, they’ll have to go through her. Liam perks up. “There’s an idea.” They discuss staging a sit-in; it’s time to try a new tactic. Everyone in the room commits. Liam stuns Sally by announcing he’ll join them and stand up to his father, who is a bully. “This is the right thing. I won’t let him tear this building down.” Later, Sally expresses concern to Shirley that Bill won’t care. They admire Liam’s commitment and Sally remarks that he has nothing to gain from this – he is fighting because it’s right – even if it means saving their lives could ruin his.

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At home, Liam complains to Steffy about Bill, and shares the decision to stage a sit-in. Steffy protests that Bill hasn’t done anything wrong, and the sit-in is ridiculous. They argue. Steffy pronounces it too dangerous and forbids him to do it.

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