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At Spencer Publications, Bill works hard to keep from blowing his stack at Liam, who continues to resist the idea of Sky being built on ‘Spectra property’. Bill reminds him it’s not Spectra property, and Wyatt suggests his brother accept this ‘or else’.Liam-Wyatt-Bill-shout-point-BB-HW Liam argues against their offer to relocate Spectra and notes there are many options – taking that building down isn’t one of them. They continue to go back and forth until Liam questions Bill’s sincerity when he claimed to want to be a more compassionate person. Bill insists he was genuine, but putting off the skyscraper is non-negotiable. Justin enters and announces the demolition team is ready to flatten Spectra when Bill gives the go-ahead. Bill will send a team over to help Sally’s crew pack up their stuff. Liam gets wound up about the history of the building and what it means to them. Bill, fed up, feels he’s compromised, now Liam will have to compromise as well. Liam proposes they give Spectra a year to get established. Bill wants to demo this week. Wyatt has to break the tie, and supports his dad. Liam vows he will find a way to stop Bill.

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In Sally’s office, she’s tickled to see Saul and Darlita’s paper doll Halloween costumes. They have a costume for her too. Darlita asks Sally to close her eyes and take off her blouse. Once Darlita has dressed her, the mirror reveals she’s wearing a beautiful gown and tiara. Steffy arrives, and Sally quips, “From one princess to another, Happy Halloween!” Steffy counters that it might be the best work she’s seen from Spectra.Sally-sees-Darlita-Saul-costumes-BB-HW Saul and Darlita slip out as Steffy remarks on the building’s progress and asks about the relaunch. Sally says they’re moving along faster than expected, credits Liam, and refers to Bill having been responsible for the fire, presuming Steffy knows. Steffy digests the news that Sally knew Bill started the fire and kept quiet about it, and seems irked that she got the information from Liam, along with an update that Bill is back at Spencer. Sally remarks on Liam being a kind, decent person. Steffy spots the photo of Liam that Shirley tacked up, and asks, “Why do you have a picture of my husband on your wall?” Sally sighs that her Grams put it up because he saved the building. Steffy warns the redhead not to get any ideas, and notes she’s the only thing that can come between Liam and his father now. Sally reiterates how grateful she is, and comments that Steffy is truly a princess that is married to an honest-to-goodness prince. Steffy feels Sally wants what she has; and warns her that Liam’s interest in her won’t go beyond business. Sally thinks Steffy sounds insecure. Steffy suggests Sally get on with her life and tells her not to try for more where Liam’s concerned.

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